CORONAVIRUS Be Aware, Not Anxious


Dr. Jacqueline DuPont, PhD (Gerontologist and Aging Expert) explains why it is important to “Be Aware, But Not Anxious” when discussing the Coronavirus. Viruses, Flu, Infections have been affecting Seniors for years. Get Informed and Be Calm.


Coronavirus has now been confirmed as pandemic by The World Health Organization. This has caused a lot of panic in the community, especially in the Senior Care industry. As we’re currently dealing with this health crisis, it is very critical to note that older adults and their families need to be aware of what’s going on with the coronavirus and not be anxious. Anxiety is not going to help anyone. It will just cause panic.

  There are lots of concerns at the moment due to the Coronavirus. Like is everything going to be closed, do we have enough water, do we have enough supplies, are we going to survive, etc. We’ve had the flu going around, especially in the senior care for years. We all know that seniors always have a higher risk as most of them have chronic illness. Therefore, seniors are more susceptible to the flu, pneumonia, and other infections, including the coronavirus.    There is no reason for Hysteria that seniors are the target. With good universal precautions and excellent infection control, we should be able to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.    Remember, following basic health tips is key to fighting the coronavirus. For more information about the Coronavirus, including symptoms and ways on how to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, click here.



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