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San Jose Assisted Living

There are 236 Assisted Living Facilities in San Jose, CA.

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    Precious Moments Residential Care Home #2

    Precious Moments Residential Care Home #2 is located in San Jose at 1701 Foxworthy Avenue and classified as a small Assisted Living facility. Pre...

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    Precious Moments Residential Care Home

    Precious Moments Residential Care Home is located in San Jose at 1641 Milroy Place and classified as a small Assisted Living facility. Precious M...

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    Lorrie Rch #1

    Lorrie Rch #1 is located in San Jose at 1938 Ensign Way and classified as a small Assisted Living facility. Lorrie Rch #1 provides Assisted Livin...

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    Dawnview Care Willow Glen

    Dawnview Care Willow Glen is located in San Jose at 1146 Doralee Way and classified as a small Assisted Living facility. Dawnview Care Willow Gle...

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    Keene Kare II

    Keene Kare Ii is located in San Jose at 4900 Massachusettes and classified as a small Assisted Living facility. Keene Kare Ii provides Assisted L...

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    Pruneridge Residential Care Home - Facility #2

    Pruneridge Residential Care Home - Facility #2 is located in San Jose at 2575 Forest Avenue and classified as a small Assisted Living facility. P...

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    Cerezo Residential Care Home #4

    Cerezo Residential Care Home #4 is located in San Jose at 1573 Willow Oaks Drive and classified as a small Assisted Living facility. Cerezo Resid...

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    Willow Glen Guest Home

    Willow Glen Guest Home is located in San Jose at 2304 Richland Ave. and classified as a small Assisted Living facility. Willow Glen Guest Home pr...

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    Lorrie Residential Care Home II

    Lorrie Residential Care Home Ii is located in San Jose at 1785Commodore Drive and classified as a small Assisted Living facility. Lorrie Resident...

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    Sandy's Residential Care Home

    Sandy's Residential Care Home is located in San Jose at 550 Tuscarora Drive and classified as a small Assisted Living facility. Sandy's Residenti...

While visiting all of the top assisted living facilities in the area, we found that the city is truly a great place for Seniors to live. San Jose actually has one of the most highly concentrated areas for assisted living options across the entire U.S. It boasts over 240 assisted living facilities. We found that with the city being well established and it’s abundance of care options, you and your loved one should not have a problem finding the right care. 
With an average temperature of a warm 76.3 degrees year round, a large senior community, safe neighborhoods and plenty of care options, San Jose is one of the best places in Northern California for Seniors to retire. Located in the Golden State, this city is surrounded by some of the best parks, shopping, dining and hospitals. It’s also close by to some of the prettiest beaches in all of California such as Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.


Local Safety

With safety as a top concern for anyone caring for their loved one, San Jose is a fairly safe city compared to other big cities across America. The city has a B rating and is 30.4% safer than all of the cities across the U.S., making San Jose a good place for any Senior to live. (source: Area Vibes)


City Weather

With one of the best temperature locations in all of the U.S, San Jose has a climate that is well suited for Seniors. Temperatures average a cool 60.5 degrees in the winter (43.75 degrees at night) and a nice 80.5 degrees in the summer (57.25 degrees at night). With minimal rainfall, you can’t ask for better weather. (source: weather.com)


Types of Senior Living

With over 240 Assisted Living Facilities in one city, you should have no problem finding great care for your loved one in San Jose. Large communities such as Belmont Village, Sunrise, Atria, and Emeritus Senior Living provide their residents with frequent and daily activities, socialization with other residents and even a secured wing for wandering residents that suffer from Alzheimer’s.

If your loved one prefers something similar to their home, a small residential care home, also known as a “board and care home”, may be a better fit. These homes typically have a 1:3 caregiver-to-resident ratio and also have activities, meals three times a day, music and pet therapy and provide transportation for their residents to and from doctor’s appointments.


San Jose Assisted Living Costs

Whether your budget is limited or if you want top notch assisted living, San Jose’s facilities can definitely meet your loved one’s needs. Depending on care needs, assisted living costs can average about $3,950 a month and start anywhere from $2,100 per month and go as high as $5,800 per month (source: Genworth 2013).


Cost Factors

The cost of care will depend on your loved one’s care needs and an assessment performed by the facility’s admissions staff prior to moving in. Other factors that will determine cost are location of the facility, experience of the staff, private or shared room, age of the facility (or if renovated), activities provided, amenities and other services.


Paying for Assisted Living

Residents can pay for care out of pocket (private pay) or avail of other sources for help such as Long Term Care Insurance or Veteran’s Aid and Attendance. If your loved one does not able to pay for care out of pocket or qualify for these services, the Department of Social Services can help individuals that will require low-income housing.


Nearby Hospitals

Whether your senior loved one needs routine checkups to emergency treatment, San Jose has some of the best hospitals in the country. The hospitals in San Jose include Regional Medical Center of San Jose, Kaiser Permanente, Stanford Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital and more. Some of the nearby hospitals:

Good Samaritan Hospital – located at 2425 Samaritan Drive San Jose, CA 95124

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center – located at 250 Hospital Parkway San Jose, CA 95119 



Transportation services in San Jose include local busses, light rail, and commuter rail services. The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is very accommodating towards Seniors and those with disabilities. You can view more details on the VTA’s website.

Don’t forget that if your loved one needs to go to a doctor’s appointment for their routine checkup or would like to attend mass, assisted living facilities provide transportation services. These communities or board and care homes can usually accommodate your loved one. Some facilities include this at no cost and some require an additional fee. When you are touring care facilities, just remember to ask management so you can plan ahead of time.


Senior Community Center

San Jose caters to the elderly with numerous support programs, activities and annual events. The city also has 38 Community and Senior Centers to keep your loved one active, busy and enjoying their retirement. Some of the Senior Centers include the Alma Community Center, Addison Penzack Jewish Community Center of San Jose, Southside Senior Center and Willow Glen Community Center to name a few.


Local Shopping and Dining

Top Shopping Centers in San Jose:

Santana Row – is one of the city’s premier shopping districts including a number of exclusive stores, as well as restaurants and entertainment. Located at 368 Santana Row San Jose, CA 9510

Oakridge Westfield – offering a variety of popular stores and restaurants. 925 Blossom Hill Road San Jose, CA 95123 


Activities for Seniors

Some of San Jose’s great spots for Seniors and families to visit are:

San Jose Museum of Art – A great museum for seniors to enjoy modern and contemporary art within the Silicon Valley. Located at 100 South Market Street San Jose, CA 95113. 

San Jose Repertory Theater – Founded in 1980, this theater is the only fully professional regional theater in the area. Known for it’s highly acclaimed and award-winning theatrical sets, the theater produces a variety of innovative theatrical performances for the community to enjoy. Located at 101 Paseo de San Antonio San Jose, CA 95113.

Ballet San Jose – Amazing performances throughout the year. You can watch them at 255 Almadean Blvd San Jose, CA 95113.

Symphony Silicon Valley – They showcase premier orchestra artists and are among the best in the greater Bay Area. You can watch them perform at 325 South First Street San Jose, CA 95113. 

Municipal Rose Garden – Visitors can enjoy colorful and vibrant displays of roses. Located at 200 E. Santa Clara St San Jose, CA 95113. 

Heritage Rose Garden – Located near Guadalupe Parkway and the 880 freeway, this beautiful rose garden is great for walks and exercise with your elderly loved one. With tons of different rose varieties and colors, your loved one would definitely appreciate a visit here to this attraction.

San Jose Flea Market – Also popular among seniors, local vendors sell a variety of items where the community and families can enjoy shopping, eating, and playing. It is located at 1590 Berryessa Road San Jose, CA.

Downtown Farmer’s Market – This Farmer’s Market takes place every Friday along the block of San Pedro Street.

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo – Opened in 1961, this Park and Zoo boasts over 140 animals including endangered lemurs to miniature horses. It is a great place to take the entire family.

The Tech Museum of Innovation – Appropriately located in the heart of Silicon Valley, this 132,000 square foot museum has the largest IMAX dome in the West Coast. It is one of the nation’s top technology museums primarily due to location and support from Stanford University and NASA. Seniors need to have their mind going and this would be a neat place for them to learn and explore.

History Museum of San Jose – Located in Kelley Park near Guadalupe Parkway and Moorpark Avenue, this museum showcases the city in the 1880s. Historic buildings, such as the Pacific Hotel, and other homes and landmarks make this destination a worthwhile visit.

The Winchester Mystery House – located at 525 S Winchester Blvd San Jose, CA 95128, is known as the house built by the spirits, where guests can come tour the intriguing house and gardens.



Local Churches that are conveniently located near San Jose Assisted Living facilities: 

Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph – 80 South Market Street San Jose, CA 95113 

Temple Beth Shalom – 867 N 5th Street San Jose, CA 95112 

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church – 5111 San Felipe Road San Jose, CA 95135 


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Note: Ratings and Grades are based on our staffs’ personal opinions and experiences in the referenced City. SeniorCareHomes.Com has visited and inspected hundreds to thousands of assisted living facilities all across the U.S. While we make every effort to visit as many facilities as possible, we do not claim that we have visited and inspected every single licensed assisted living facility across the U.S.

Sources: AreaVibes, Weather.Com


City Highlights

-San Jose is One of the densest areas of Assisted Living Facilities across the U.S.

-The Top 10 “Best Assisted Living Cities for Seniors”

-San Jose, CA is rated 30.4% safer than all U.S. cities

-Assisted Living Range Costs in San Jose: $2,250~$6,000 per month

-Temperatures average 80.5 degrees in the summer and 60.5 degrees in the winter.

-4 nearby major hospitals such as Kaiser Permanente, Stanford Hospital and Regional Meidcal Center of San Jose