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Photo of an Assisted Living facility for seniorsWondering why the cost of senior care homes is getting very expensive nowadays? Well, there are several important factors that are taken into consideration to determine the cost of these senior housing facilities. Keep in mind that prices of each senior care facility may vary depending on the specifications you are looking for.





These factors will determine senior care fees:


1. Type of facility

This depends on the type of senior care facility needed (i.e assisted living, nursing home, adult day care, etc.)

2. Special needs

When people with certain disabilities require special attention of highly trained professionals depending on their condition.

3. Location, Location, Location

Depends on the city and state where the senior care facility is located.

4. Amenities

Some senior care facilities offer recreational/social activities and some don’t. Additional services like laundry, banking, transportation services, etc. may be available for an added fee.

5. Additional Services

Photo of a beautifully decorated senior care facility

When additional help with eating, bathing, toileting, grooming, dressing-up, and other personal services are needed on a daily basis.

6. Size of Facility

Size varies from a one-bedroom unit to an upscale resort-style living retirement community. The more luxurious you go, the more expensive the senior care home becomes.


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