What is Senior Care Homes?

SeniorCareHomes.Com is a resource guide to help families in need of senior living and senior care options for their loved ones. We have thousands of listings showcasing senior living communities to small, residential board and care homes all across the U.S.

For families in a rush, unsure or just need guidance, we provide a FREE expert, concierge service to help guide you through the process. 


How Can You Help Families?

THE DIFFERENCE – We go the extra mile to ensure you are 100% satisfied. We don’t overwhelm you with sending you care options that are not a fit. We save you time by truly understanding your needs and ensuring you get accurate information. We care because we’ve been through what you’re going through. We’re always here to ensure you have all the information you need so you can make the best informed decision for you or your loved one.


How Long Have You Been in Business?

We started in 2007 and have been helping thousands of families ever since.


How Did SeniorCareHomes.Com Begin?

Our Co-Founder, Kate, went through caring for her grandma suffering with Alzheimer’s. Kate truly knows and understands how it is to care for an elderly loved one through first-hand experience. She wants to use her knowledge/experience to help seniors and families with the whole senior care process.

Win our Co-Founder, grew up in the health care industry since he was 14. Both hold a Bachelor’s Degree in business and had executive leadership roles in Online startup companies. Rather than having their own care home, they merged their health care and online experience to help families find good care homes across the U.S.


Senior Care Advisors

What Are Senior Care Advisors?

At SeniorCareHomes.Com, our Senior Living Advisors are caring, knowledgable and respectful professionals that will help you or your loved one find the right care within your family’s budget and preferred location. Our Senior Living Advisors have been through the same situation you’re going through and will help guide you along the way.

There are hundreds to thousands of care options available and it can be very overwhelming for families to go through this alone. Our Senior Living Advisors will not rest until you or your loved one are completely happy with your decision.


What Information is Needed so I Can Care Options?

Our Senior Living Advisors will ask you some questions about care needs, preferences, budget, etc. to find out exactly what you are looking for. We hold your personal information private to the highest degree possible. You can view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


Do You Charge Families For Your Service?

No. Our service is 100% free for families. We are compensated by the facilities for our marketing services and efforts.


Do the Facilities You Work With Charge Us More?

Absolutely not. In the contract they are are legally bound not too. In fact, we are able to help families negotiate a better monthly rate as we have access to all the facility promotions and discounts. 

What Areas Do You Service?

We help families find Senior Living in all 50 States.


Do You Recommend Facilities?

SeniorCareHomes.Com does not recommend or endorse any provider on our website or through any other channel of communication. Based on the 1) Care Needs 2) Budget and 3) Location of the person needing care, we provide matches based on these criteria. It is the responsibility of the individual or family member(s) to tour, inspect and decide on the most appropriate facility that meets their needs.

We also have articles available on our website as guides to ensure you ask important questions when touring and inspecting a facility.


What Type of Care Is Provided?

Typically, assistance with Activities of Daily Living like dressing, bathing, toileting, walking and med management are provided at the facility.  For some facilities, transportation services are also provided for an additional fee.


How Do I Get Care Options for My Loved One?

Based on the information that has been provided to our Senior Care Advisors, a list of care options will be emailed to the families. We can also send you a text or a fax message with the list of available care options. 

You can contact our Senior Living Advisors 24 hours/day, 7 days a week at 877.523.6523 or fill out a quick form so we can contact you HERE


Who Do You Help?

We help people 55+ years old that need Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care. 


Do You Help Veterans?

Absolutely. We are grateful for their service and there are plenty of options to help Veterans with a reduced monthly cost. Click Here to check if your loved one is eligible to receive a special pension plan from the Veterans Administration.


Do You Help with Nursing Homes?

Unfortunately, we do not provide Nursing Home options for right now. If you need information about Nursing Homes in your area, please contact the Nursing Homes directly regarding pricing and availability. You can also go to Medicare.gov to get a list of Nursing Homes in your area. 


Do You Help with Adult Residential Facilities for 64 & Younger

Unfortunately, we do not provide options for this facility type. You can try calling your local Social Services office to get more information. 


Do You Help Adults younger than 65 years old?

Most of the facilities we work with are able to accept people who are at least 55 years old. Sometimes, the facilities are able to make an exception for people who are under the age of 65 years, depending on their current medical condition and diagnosis.


Do You Help with Short Term Care?

Yes. We do We provide options for short-term stay, also known as Respite Care. Typically, the facilities will have a minimum of 2 weeks for short-term stay. Please note that the potential resident should be at least 55 years old. 


Paying for Senior Care

What Is the Typical Cost?

Costs will vary depending on a variety of factors including: Care Type, Care Needs and Location for Care. There is no cookie-cutter, one size fits all because everyone’s care needs are unique and different. However, starting costs will typically start with the following:

Independent Living: $1,500/month

Assisted Living: $2,500/month

Memory Care: $3,500/month 

For an accurate quote, you can request for pricing based on you or your loved one’s scenario HERE


What Forms of Payment Do the Facilities Accept?

Private Pay (Out of Pocket)

Long Term Care Insurance

Veteran’s Aid and Attendance


Do You Help with Low Income or Affordable Care?

Unfortunately, most of the facilities we work with only accept private pay and they charge a minimum  of $1500 per month for Independent Living, $2500 for Assisted Living and $3500 for Memory Care.  You can always search the Internet for “Affordable Senior Living” or you can call Social Services for more information on Medicaid or State-sponsored programs for Seniors.


Do the Facilities You Work With Accept Medicaid?

Most of the facilities we work with do not accept Medicaid. However, some are able to do a “Spend-Down” programs wherein Seniors do Private-Pay then convert after several months or until they no longer have any assets. Please note that Medicaid beds are very limited and typically there will be a waitlist for this. 


Who Do I Pay for Care Each Month?

You will have to pay the facility directly. We do not collect any money from the Seniors and their families. We only provide care options, which is a free service. 


Do They Require a Monthly Deposit?

Typically, they will require a deposit to hold/reserve the room, if the senior is not ready to move-in yet. 

Is there a Community Fee?

Generally, the large communities charge a one-time community fee, also known as Entrance fee. This fee varies per community. 


Do I Have to Pay for an Assessment? 

It depends. Some facilities charge for an Assessment, while others don’t. 


Touring and Deciding Between a Senior Living Community or Care Home

If you have time, we prefer that you tour both so you can compare. Keep in mind that the facility type that’s right for your loved one will basically depend on the senior’s preference and care needs. If your loved one is still active and alert, maybe a Senior Living Community will be a better fit since they have more activities and amenities.

However, if your loved one is not interested to participate in any activities or if he or she will not be able to use the amenities in the community, maybe a smaller care home would be a better fit.

Consult one of our Senior Care Advisors today to get a better understanding of the different care facilities in your area. Click here for details on different types of Senior Housing options. 

Ready to tour? Here’s an Assisted Living Checklist you can use as guide when touring the facilities.


Requirements for Moving In Your Loved One

Before you can move your loved one in, the community will require that an assessment be made so that they would know what the exact care needs are. Generally, a Physician’s Report and TB Testing will be required before the senior can physically move in. However, there might also be other documents, things that the facility will need other than this as the policy varies per facility. Click here to learn more about the Pre-admission Procedure for Senior Care Facilities.


Visiting My Loved One

Family and friends are encouraged to visit and participate int the activities and events in the facility. It is very important for seniors to have regular visitors and to maintain healthy relations with their family and friends to avoid feeling depressed and isolated. Usually facilities would allow family members and friends to visit anytime during the day while some have specific visiting hours. 


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