California Assisted Living

Intro to California Assisted Living


More than 10,300 Assisted Living facilities can be found in this great State of California and can accommodate the care needs of your Loved One. In California, depending on the older adult’s preferences, California Assisted Living provides delicious meals, bathing, hygiene, dressing, med management, activities, exercise and more. Some popular Assisted Living facilities in the California are: 


Atria Almaden San Jose Atria Newport Beach Atria Walnut Creek
Belmont Village La Jolla Brookdale Santa Monica Coterie San Francisco
Ivy Park of San Jose Oakmont Pacific Beach Sunrise Beverly Hills
Watermark Laguna Niguel Watermark Los Angeles Westmont of Carmel Valley


Assisted Living Costs in California average approximately $4,000 per month versus the national median of $4,300 per month (Genworth Cost of Care Survey). California Assisted Living costs can range on the lower end from $3,000 per month to $7,000 per month throughout the state.  

If residents require more affordable alternatives, programs such as the VA Aid and Attendance Program and Assisted Living Waiver can help assist with the cost of California Assisted Living. 


Assisted Living in California by Region


Bay Area Contra Costa Central Coast
Burlingame Alamo Camarillo
Cupertino Antioch Monterey
Fremont Brentwood Oxnard
Gilroy Concord Salinas
Los Altos Danville San Luis Obispo
Napa Dublin Santa Barbara
Oakland El Dorado Hills Santa Maria
Palo Alto Lafayette  
Plesanton Livermore Central Valley
Redwood City Oakley Bakersfield
San Bruno Plesanton Fresno
San Francisco San Ramon Modesto
San Jose Walnut Creek Stockton
San Rafael    
Santa Rosa Desert Area Northern California
Sonoma Indio Chico
Sunnyvale Palm Desert Eureka
  Palm Springs Redding
  Rancho Mirage  



Popular Assisted Living in California by City

Anaheim Assisted Living Carlsbad Assisted Living Chula Vista Assisted Living
Concord Assisted Living Elk Grove Assisted Living Huntington Beach Assisted Living
Irvine Assisted Living Laguna Niguel Assisted Living Los Angeles Assisted Living
Mission Viejo Assisted Living Oakland Assisted Living Palm Desert Assisted Living
Pleasanton Assisted Living Riverside Assisted Living Rancho Palos Verdes Assisted Living
Sacramento Assisted Living Santa Barbara Assisted Living San Diego Assisted Living
San Francisco Assisted Living San Jose Assisted Living Walnut Creek Assisted Living


Guide to Assisted Living Facilities in California

10,300 Assisted Living Facilities in California are located in the area and can accommodate the needs of your Loved One. Based on the care requirements, Assisted Living in California have facilities that offer daily nutritional meals, bathing, hygiene, dressing, medication management, exercise, outings, art and music events, two-person transferring, transportation and more.

Assisted Living Communities and Care Homes in California can offer Seniors with amenities and services in any of the 10,300 large or small facilities. Examples are equipped bedrooms, reserved dining rooms, activity rooms, wellness programs, salons, spas and pools, and hot saunas. If California residents need to go out, the staff can take residents to doctor visits, religious services, walks in the local park, movie theaters, shopping centers, and much more.


When do seniors need Assisted Living Facilities in California?

Residents in California will typically require Assisted Living Communities and Care Homes when it is dangerous for them to be alone at home or when they need help with their ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). Residents living in Assisted Living Facilities in California can either be independent, require Assisted Living, or suffer from Memory Loss and Dementia and need Memory Care.


Types of Assisted Living Facilities in California

The assortment of Assisted Living Communities and Care Homes in California can differ from intimate, residential care homes to large “resort-style” Assisted Living communities. Depending on the facility size of the Assisted Living Facility in California, services and conveniences can differ.

Large Assisted Living Communities can offer a broader range of conveniences because of their capacity size and staff, while intimate, residential care homes provide a more private, home-like atmosphere.


Residential Care Facilities in California

Assisted Living in California offers Residential Care Homes, which are typically homes in the neighborhood that are converted to care for 6 to 10 Seniors. These Residential Care Facilities in California are licensed by California’s Licensing Division and permitted by local government.

Assisted Living Facilities in California feature small, residential care homes in a home-like, intimate setting. Many Senior residents prefer these types of facilities over the large communities as they are accustomed to the familiarity of living at home. Many small care homes throughout California provide fun activities, pet and music therapy, fitness programs, and much more.

With Residential Care Homes in California having a smaller capacity size and a smaller number of residents, the Caregiver-to-Resident Ratio in a residential care facility is 1 Caregiver for every 2 to 3 residents.


Assisted Living Communities in California

California’s Large Assisted Living Communities will look like a big hotel or resort with 50 to 350+ residents. These Assisted Living Communities are located throughout California and are monitored and regulated by California’s California Licensing Department (CCLD). These ample senior living facilities can also have a secure Memory Care Wing that can keep residents experiencing Alzheimer’s out of harm’s way from wandering.

Some nationally recognized Assisted Living Communities in California are companies like Sunrise Senior Living, Brookdale Senior Living, Enlivant Senior Living, Atria Senior Living, Pacifica Senior Living, Belmont Village Senior Living, Senior Lifestyle, SRG Senior Living, MBK Senior Living, Oakmont Senior Living & Memory Care, Holiday Retirement Assisted Living, and Five Star Senior Living as examples.

Residents living in a large Assisted Living Facility in California usually prefer these facilities because of the frequent entertainment schedule, higher levels of socialization with other residents, chef-made meals, pet interaction, creative classes, health classes, and customary outings.

Due to an Assisted Living Community’s high capacity and higher number of residents, the typical Caregiver-to-Resident Ratio for Assisted Living in California can range from 1 Caregiver for every 6 to 12 Residents in these Assisted Living communities.


Popular Senior Living Communities in California

You’ll find the most searched California Senior Living Communities Here

Popular Senior Living Communities

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Assisted Living California Costs

The average monthly cost of Assisted Living in California is $4,500 per month (source: Genworth Financial). Whether your loved one prefers a residential care home or a large Assisted Living community, the most affordable cost of care and rent begins at $3,000 per month and can go as high as $7,500 per month, depending on the level of care requirements.

To determine what factors play a part in the average monthly cost of Assisted Living California, Read More Here.


Paying for Care

Paying for Assisted Living California can be obtained through a variety of ways. Most residents and their families in California spend money for care “Out of Pocket” without insurance, also called “Private Pay.” Other options for paying for Assisted Living in California are through Long Term Care Insurance and Veterans Aid and Attendance. 

Unfortunately, despite what many think, Medicare or Medicaid does not cover Assisted Living California care and rent expenses. For more info and alternatives on how families are able to spend for Assisted Living Communities or Care Homes in California, Read More Here.


How to Make Care Affordable

Veterans Aid and Attendance

Veterans Aid and Attendance for Assisted Living California is an essential solution granted by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). This program gives supplementary advantages to veterans, their wives or husbands, and remaining family members.

The VA Aid and Attendance program in California helps individuals who served in the military and armed forces with access to medical support and help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

To qualify for this assistance program, a war veteran or spouse must fulfill certain financial, medical, and daily living service conditions. The amount of assistance for Assisted Living in California will depend on the individual’s circumstances, such as finances and other factors.

Suppose a war Veteran or spouse may qualify for the VA Aid and Attendance program in California. In that case, it’s essential to contact organizations like American Veterans Aid or that can provide additional details about this aid and help complete the application procedure.

At times when our country’s Veterans need extra help, programs like VA Aid and Attendance for California make sure our heroes get the Assisted Living they are entitled to. Our brave servicemen and women have given everything to their country; it is time we protect them, too.


Assisted Living California Waiver

An Assisted Living California Waiver (ALW) is a Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver under social services that provides Assisted Living California services to Seniors or disabled individuals who require help with individual daily living care and household tasks. The California Assisted Living Waiver program under social services covers the expenses of Assisted Living care for eligible individuals with Medicaid. The Assisted Living Waiver will allow them to receive care in a licensed healthcare facility near their Loved Ones. 

Depending on the Assisted Living facility, care administered in California under the ALW program can include assistance with ADLs (activities of daily living) such as showering, changing, eating, toileting, transferring from bed to chair, med management, room cleaning, laundry services, and more.


Medicare or Medicaid

Medicare does not pay for long-term care (Assisted Living or Memory Care). However, Medicare can cover Seniors in hospitals, nursing homes, or skilled nursing facililites for stays usually up to 90 days.

You can learn more about Medicare or Medicaid with Assisted Living by going to the California Department of Social Services, or for more details. 


Low-Income Housing

Unfortunately, the cost of Assisted Living in California can be out of reach for many residents. It can start at $2,800 per month and be more than $10,000 per month, depending on the level of care, preferences, and desired area.

If Assisted Living in California feels impossible for Seniors, families can contact California’s Human Services for less expensive personal care options. They can help low-income families get started in the right direction.


Finding Assisted Living Near California

The task can seem daunting if you are looking for Assisted Living near California for yourself or a loved one. There are thousands of facilities throughout the State, and picking the right one can feel impossible. You can find the right home quickly by researching early and getting free help from an expert care advisor. Here are some helpful advice on how to find Assisted Living near California that can assist with your personal care needs:

  • Figure out what type of daily living help is needed – Knowing what assistance will be required while deciding on an assisted living community or care home is essential.

  • Research every option thoroughly and inquire with California Licensing on their facility reports. This can be the most unbiased data on the facility. Allocate time to visit each potential facility to understand the home better and meet the caregivers in person.

  • Have questions – When you’ve pinned down your choices, make an effort to meticulously explore every facility before deciding on a contract. Ask what care is provided and the safety standards, and ensure the facility is the right option for you.


Where to get Assisted Living in California

The journey of discovering Assisted Living in California can be overwhelming. Getting the help of a care advisor makes the journey very easy for all the families with their knowledge, caring and compassion. To understand how we can help you find the right residential care facilities or senior living community, view the quick video here.

Since 2007, has provided free expert advice to guide Seniors and their Loved Ones to discover the top-matched communities based on budget, location and help with daily activities. 

Contact our knowledgeable care advisors now and start the search for California Assisted Living options at (877) 523-6523 x1 or Click Here 



Senior Living Regulation and Licensing in California


Assisted Living Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) in California

The 10,300 Senior Living in California Facilities are licensed and audited by California’s Department of Health Services. They must have the administrators inspect the Senior Living in California facility before it opens. Their responsibility is to ensure the Senior Living facility is operating up to quality benchmarks and the community residents receive the proper personal care.

Every State will have its own guidelines. If the required criteria are not met, California Community Care Licensing Division will not issue a license to the residential care facility or senior living community, and the license will be suspended. This helps ensure a high level of personal care services for all seniors living in California.

 For information about California State Licensing and residential care facilities or a senior living community, Read More Here for the Community Care Licensing Division.



Senior Living in California Tips and Resources


10 Signs When It’s Time for Senior Living in California

Here are some indicators that you can watch out for when observing your Aging Loved One:

  1. Mobility Issues: Difficulty moving, limping, or discomfort while walking. 

  2. Memory Issues: Not remembering essential dates or forgetting to take their medication.

  3. Help with Hygiene: Not showering, smelly clothes, foul breath, not shaving.

  4. House Chore Issues: Expired food and liquids with mold, laundry unwashed or scattered, room or restroom is unclean.

  5. California Driver Safety Issues: Dings and dents on their car, wheels with insufficient air, service light alerts.

  6. Weight Loss: Noticeable decrease in weight, lack of food in the fridge or pantry.

  7. Expired Medication: Out-of-date medication bottles or prescriptions are not picked up.

  8. Unable to Communicate: Problems in expressing one’s feelings

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Planning and Choosing Senior Living in California

  1. Know Your Loved One’s Requirements

  2. Understand Your Senior Living Options in California

  3. Visit Multiple California Senior Living Facilities

  4. Ask the Right Questions when Touring the California facility

  5.  Pay Attention to Detail When Touring

  6. Observe the Residents

  7. Try the food at the care home or in the community

  8. Evaluate the California Safety Protocols and Security Details

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Touring Checklist for Visiting a Senior Living Community in California

You are ready to tour Senior Living Communities or Residential Care Homes in California. Below are some crucial questions to inquire when touring the California facility:

  1. Will the facility in California provide individualized care services and amenities that meet my care requirements?

  2. Is the facility located nearby for family members to visit?

  3. Is the California care home located in a safe area?

  4. Is the California community or home in the range of my budget?

  5. Is the complete facility accessible to walkers and wheelchairs?

  6. Do they have grab bars & non-skid floors in the bathrooms?

  7. Is there security alarm equipment for when a resident wanders?

  8. Are emergency buttons located within the California care home or community?

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 Talking to a Loved One About Moving to a Care Home or Community in California

Having the discussion with a Loved One that they need to move can be difficult. Here are some ideas that can make the discussion easier and to keep them open minded.

  1. Be Prepared

  2. Use Empathy

  3. Be Transparent 

  4. Listen Actively

  5. Emphasize the Advantages

  6. Involve them in the Decision

  7. Give Encouragement

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How to Make the Transition into a Senior Living Community in California Facility Easier

The move to Assisted Living and the transition process can have its challenges. Your Loved One can be very attached to their home and ways, or they are nervous because they have to live with others they’re not used to. Here are some tips to make the transition process a little easier.

  1. Involve Your Loved One in the process

  2. Visit the California Facility with your Loved One

  3. Customize their Room

  4. Encourage being social

  5. Encourage frequent interaction

  6. Be Patient

  7. Monitor their well-being

  8. Visit them frequently

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 Frequently Asked Questions on Assisted Living Communities in California


What kinds of services and personal care do Assisted Living Communities and Residential Care Facilities in California provide?

These care communities offer Assisted Living, Memory Care, Independent Living, Hospice Care, and Memory Care in California.


How many Assisted Living Facilities in California are there?

There are about 10,300 residential care facilities and large Assisted Living communities in California.


How many residents live in Assisted Living Communities and Care Homes in California?

In a small care home, licensing usually allows six residents per home (varying per State). In a large, Assisted Living facility (Senior Living Community), there can be 50 to more than 350+ residents in a community.


Is a Nursing Home (Skilled Nursing Facility) the same thing as Assisted Living (Senior Living Community or Residential Care Facility)?

A lot of people need clarification with many of these terms. Typically, Nursing homes in California are for those with severe medical conditions requiring 24-hour medical care and nursing help.

If your family member requires daily help with bathing, dressing, med management, bathroom use, and grooming, then Assisted Living in California would be a better fit.


What are the Popular Assisted Living Communities and Care Homes in California?

Brookdale Senior Living, Sunrise Senior Living, Atria Senior Living, Pacifica Senior Living, Enlivant, and more are the most recognized Assisted Living facilities nationwide.


How much do Assisted Living Facilities in California charge?

The monthly cost of care per month can start at $3,000 for Assisted Living, $5,000 for Memory Care, and $2,500 for Independent Living in California.


What influences the monthly cost of an Assisted Living Facility in California?

The monthly cost in California are based on personal care assistance requirements, daily living needs, amenities, and the location of the Assisted Living Facility. The staff assesses care requirements before moving in.


What is the Veterans Aid and Attendance for Long-Term Care? 

The Veterans Administration (VA) offers a special pension called Aid and Attendance that helps pay for care in an assisted living, memory care, or skilled nursing facility, nursing home facility in California. 

This VA benefit is largely unknown and often neglected by family members of Veterans or surviving spouses who need financial help to care for aging loved ones in California. For more details, Read More Here.


Are there Assisted Living Communities and Care Homes in California that accept Medicaid or low-income programs?

Search and obtain a list of Assisted Living or Memory Care facilities in California that accept Medicaid.


Will Medicare pay for Assisted Living or Memory Care?

Medicare will not pay for the monthly cost of long-term personal care in California. Medicare can pay for hospitals or nursing homes for stays up to 90 days. Learn more details at


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