CORONAVIRUS Are Senior Care Facilities Prepared for the Coronavirus?


Dr. Jacqueline DuPont, PhD (Gerontologist and Aging Expert) explains the Best Practices for Senior Care Facilities and how to deal with the Coronavirus. 


In this video:

  • Are Assisted Living Facilities and Long-Term Care Facilities Prepared for Coronavirus?
  • What should assisted living facilities do to prevent the transmission and spread of coronavirus among their residences?
  • What can we do to protect seniors who live in assisted living communities or at home?

Is it safe to visit seniors who live in Assisted Living Communities? Who should be allowed to visit the elderly?

Long term care facilities should limit visitors. The less visitors the better.

  • Avoid volunteers at this time. It might be safe to  not have volunteers in the communities at this time. Assisted Living facilities are not sure whether or not the volunteers have been exposed to the coronavirus or other diseases before coming to the community. 
  • People who have been to a hospital or urgent care should not visit the facility at this time.
  • People who are coughing, sick or not feeling well should not be allowed to enter the facility for the protection and safety of the senior residents.

What happens if the resident is sick?

If one of the residents is sick, the facility should be able to control the infection and avoid the spread of virus/germs in the assisted living community. All the caregivers and staff members should be following proper health and safety guidelines.

  • Staff members should limit the exposure to other residents in the community.
  • Sick seniors should avoid participating in activities.
  • Might be a good idea to serve the meals in their room. 
  • We don’t want the residents to feel isolated so maybe bring music therapy or something to the resident’s room to keep them busy.

If you have loved ones living in a senior living community, be sure to talk to the facility administrator or director to ensure that they are following proper health and safety guidelines. It is important that the assisted living facility is keeping up with best practices.

If you are a senior care facility owner, these reminders will help you keep your residents safe and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus in your facility. 

To learn more about Coronavirus and ways on how seniors can protect themselves, Click Here


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