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Looking for some answers on the ECG Premier? You’ll find here all of the Electronic Caregiver Premier FAQs Frequently Asked Questions.



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How do the devices work?

White Main Unit: This device receives a signal from the the wrist pendant and auto-fall neck pendant (optional) when pressed. The main unit will connect the customer directly to the emergency response center. This is done through a cellular signal that is emitted from the device that enables customers to speak directly with Emergency Medical Technicians.


Wrist Pendant: This pendant communicates and activates the main device by being pressed and held for 3 seconds. A green light will display on your wrist pendant letting you know the pendant is communicating with the main device.


Auto-Fall Neck Pendant (optional): The auto-fall pendant also communicates and activates the main unit. However, this pendant can be activated by quickly pressing the blue button once but has the capability of being triggered automatically should the customer experience a fall.1 The auto-fall pendant has sensors that are triggered upon impact and will send a signal to the main device automatically contacting the emergency response center. A green light will display on your auto-fall pendant letting you know it is communicating with the main device.

1 The Auto-fall pendant does not detect 100% of falls


What do I press to reach the Emergency Response Center?

To reach the ERC (Emergency Response Center) and Certified EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians):

1) Hold down the grey button for 3 (three) seconds on any device. 

2) Speak through the main device (white unit).

3) Press and hold the grey button to end the call.


Where should I place the Charging Base?

An ideal area to place the charger is in the room that you frequent the most and pass through on your way out. You need to bring your main unit with your wherever you go and don’t want to forget it on the way out. Most customers will place the charging base in the kitchen near their landline phone. 


How long does the battery last in each device?

White Main Unit: The device lasts approximately 40 hours with 1 (one) full charge. It is recommended to keep it plugged in the base when you are home during the day. At night time, you can place the main unit next to you on your nightstand when you sleep.


Wrist Pendant & Auto-Fall Neck Pendant (optional): The pendant batteries last approximately 2-3 years. There is no additional charge to replace the batteries once they stop functioning.

Low Battery: Once the call center is notified that the battery signal is low on the pendants, it will send another one to you at no additional cost.


What happens if I forget to charge my device?

The emergency response center will contact the phone number you provided on your service forms to remind you to charge the device.


How do I contact emergency responders through the device?

Hold the grey button down on your pendant for 3 seconds and speak through your white main unit. You can also hold down the grey button on the main device for 3 seconds as well to connect with the emergency response center.


How do I acknowledge or stop the activity and med reminders?

Simply press the square button that is flashing red on the main device to turn the reminder off and acknowledge it.


Can I use the Electronic Caregiver Premier in the water?

You can use your pendants in the shower as they are “splash-proof” (not submersible under water). The main device is not waterproof or water resistant, however you can leave this charging or near by when you are in the bathroom.


What if I am in a place where I need the Premier to be on silent?

Unfortunately, there is no volume button or vibrate option on the Electronic Caregiver Premier. The emergency medical system is supposed to assist you in case of emergency in any situation. If you are in a place that requires silence (such as a church, museum, etc.), you may turn off the device by powering it off. However, don’t forget to turn it back on. You might also consider leaving it in your car if applicable.

On the main unit (white device), there is a small, grey button at the top right side of the device. Hold that down for 3 seconds and it will announce that the device is powering off. Hold down the same button when you need to turn it back on and it will announce it is powering back on.


What happens if my device loses cellular signal?

Since the Electronic Caregiver Premier functions on a cellular signal (serviced by AT&T Wireless), it will not function in areas without reception. However, the GPS positioning in the device will help the emergency response center locate your last position before losing signal.



Pocket MD

How does Pocket MD work?

With the “Premier Series 1” you have access to board certified doctors 24/7, 365 days a week. At the touch of the button on your white main device, you can consult with a doctor and even have a prescription sent to your local pharmacy. 


Where are the board certified doctors located?

Board certified doctors are located throughout the U.S. They are actual medical doctors that are available every day of the year, 24/7. 


How many times can I call use the Pocket MD?

Use of Pocket MD is unlimited for “Premier Series 1” customers.


How do I contact the doctor?

On your Premier Series 1, press the square button on your main device (white unit) and a doctor will contact you back in minutes.* You will speak with them through the Electronic Caregiver Premier device.

*response times can vary within 30 minutes on average


Do I need a Premier 1 for each family member to use Pocket MD?

Only 1 family member needs a Premier 1 and the other family members with a Premier 2 or 3 can share access to Pocket MD.*

*additional $10 charge for Premier 2/3




On the order form, there is an option when first responders should be sent to my location in case of an emergency. What do most customers choose?

Most customers will have the Emergency Response Center first contact their loved ones and friends on their emergency contact list. If no one is available, they can send out first responders to your location in case of emergency.


What hours should I include for my Activity Reminders?

Most customers will choose to have their activity reminders set up 2x/day:

1) When they wake up

2) 4 – 5 hours before they sleep

*When setting up an evening time, ensure to indicate PM or you may use military time


How should I set up the Medical Reminders?

In medication reminders section, include the following: 
1) Desired Times: Morning and Evening med reminders 
2) Message: “Medication Reminder – You have ## meds to take”
3) List of Meds: Input into “Additional Notes section”


How do I get a discount off my bill for life?

By providing up to 3 names and phone numbers of friends, loved ones and/or family members, you can qualify for up to 20% off of your monthly bill. Please ask your SeniorCareHomes.Com representative for details.


Are there any other discounts available?

By paying for your bill annually instead of monthly, you can qualify for up to 8% off.  Electronic Caregiver has a number of promotions throughout the year. Be sure to ask your SeniorCareHomes.Com representative for special promotions and discounts here


Will my information be secure?

Electronic Caregiver is HIPAA Compliant and all information is strictly private and confidential. During an emergency, EMTs will only have access to the information the customer (or family) provides Electronic Caregiver.


Can I use a PO Box for my home address?

Unfortunately, a PO Box office cannot be used for your home address. Your home address is used for an emergency contact address.


How do I set up my emergency contact list?
Include as many contacts in your emergency list in order of priority. You can input additional names and phone numbers into “Additional Notes Section.” If you need to edit the list later on, you can contact Electronic Caregiver customer service at (800) ALARM-55 or (800) 252-7655 to make any changes.


If I refer friends/family, when do I receive my $50 visa gift card?

For every customer you refer to Electronic Caregiver, you will receive a $50 Visa Gift card 30 days from their order through the mail. 

Where Can I order the Electronic Caregiver Premier?

You can order the Electronic Caregiver Premier Here.

Payment & Billing

When do I get my bill?

At the time of signup, customers may elect to sign up for an automatic bill pay each month (or annually) through the following forms of payment: 

  1. Electronic Check / ACH
  2. Credit Card


Shipping & Delivery

How long does it take to receive my Electronic Caregiver Premier?

Once the order is submitted, it will take approximately 3 business days to receive your Electronic Caregiver Premier order.


How do I set up my Premier once I receive it?

Setup instructions come with the device and simple to set up. Once you plug the charging base in and charge the main unit, wear the pendant, you can contact customer service to ensure everything is functioning properly or for any other assistance at  (800) ALARM-55 or (800) 252-7655.



Returns & Warranty

What if I want to return my Premier and cancel service?

Please contact customer service and they will assist you in the return process. You can reach them at  (800) ALARM-55 or (800) 252-7655. 


Are there any cancellation fees or equipment fees?

No. Electronic Caregiver does not charge any termination fees unlike some of the competitors. Electronic Caregiver wants to help save lives and give their customers the best service and products available on the market. 



Customer Support

I have more technical questions. Who can I contact?

You can contact Electronic Caregiver technical support at (800) ALARM-55 or (800) 252-7655








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