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The Electronic Caregiver Premier Summary

Home Monitor and Emergency Response System

Activity Detection

Сutomized activity detection verifies you’re active

In the event you might be unconscious and unable to press a button. we’ll know something is wrong as an alert signals the emergency response facility.

Family Caregiver Connection Apps

Family members who can check on a loved ones whereabouts

Check on system status or an event, or even send a personalized message or reminder (iOS or Android)

Medication Management

Personalized. monitored medication reminders

Keep you on track with your care plan and it you don’t respond to the reminder, we can check to make sure you’re okay.

Stylish Wrist-Worn Pendant

A fitness band style,submersible, emergency wrist alarm pendant

This light weight. attractive safety device is worn 24/7 and provides reliable protection.

EMT Operators

Our emergency reeponee facility is staffed with licensed Emergency Midical Technicians

The most qualified operators in the industry will respond to your inquiries, notily responsible parties when a wellness check is needed, or notify emergency services during a crisis.


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