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San Francisco Assisted Living Facilities

There are 98 Assisted Living Facilities Facilities in San Francisco, CA.

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    Parks Rest Home

    Parks Rest Home is a care community for the elderly located in a neighborhood in San Francisco, California. This Assisted Living Facilities facility has made a difference in the lives of their residents and their families for years. Parks Rest Home looks at every detail to ensure that their reside...

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    Araville Residential Care Home

    Araville Residential Care Home is a beautiful Assisted Living Facilities facility that is committed to improving each resident’s quality of life. This is done through the dedication of the care staff at Araville Residential Care Home. The staff is determined in providing the highest-levels of sen...

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    Palarca-J.j. Oceanside Residential Care Home

    Palarca-J.j. Oceanside Residential Care Home is a Assisted Living Facilities community on 1278 La Playa Street that provides personal care, housing, and support services to seniors in a home-like setting.  Palarca-J.j. Oceanside Residential Care Home, located in San Francisco, California and p...

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    Palarca Rest Home

    Palarca Rest Home is a Assisted Living Facilities community located on 1241-26Th Avenue in a peaceful neighborhood in the city of San Francisco. 10 residents are allowed in this small care community and it is licensed by the state of California. Palarca Rest Home offers personalized care and ...

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    Tiffany Residential Care Home - Inc.

    Tiffany Residential Care Home - Inc.’s mission is to provide excellent care in a safe, respectful and compassionate manner. The goal of Tiffany Residential Care Home - Inc. in San Francisco is to enrich and improve the quality of life for their elderly residents.   Tiffany Residentia...

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    Haidee's Home Care

    Haidee's Home Care is a beautiful Assisted Living Facilities facility that is committed to improving each resident’s quality of life. This is done through the dedication of the care staff at Haidee's Home Care. The staff is determined in providing the highest-levels of senior care services possib...

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    Kokoro is a beautiful Assisted Living Facilities facility that is committed to improving each resident’s quality of life. This is done through the dedication of the care staff at Kokoro. The staff is determined in providing the highest-levels of senior care services possible.   Kokoro is lo...

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    Sutro Heights Residential Care Home

    Sutro Heights Residential Care Home’s goal is to help their residents maintain the highest qualify of life possible in a home-like environment. Focusing on the well being of the resident has been the commitment of the staff at Sutro Heights Residential Care Home. This is done so their residents c...

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    Mcleod Care Home

    Mcleod Care Home is a fully-furnished senior community that provides Assisted Living Facilities care to the elderly. Mcleod Care Home is located in a quiet and safe neighborhood in San Francisco, CA on 850 Mansell Street. Caregivers and staff members in this Assisted Living Facilities facility are...

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    Maulino Board And Care Services

    Maulino Board And Care Services is a beautiful Assisted Living Facilities facility that is committed to improving each resident’s quality of life. This is done through the dedication of the care staff at Maulino Board And Care Services. The staff is determined in providing the highest-levels of s...


Our City Rating for Seniors = 5 Stars




Introduction to San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is known as a beautiful, romantic city by the bay and a great place for seniors. It is one of the most unique cities across the country with beautiful weather, tons of activities and things to do, historical landmarks, a very diverse population and a rich history. San Francisco makes the SeniorCareHomes.Com list of “The Top 25 Best Cities for Seniors.” 

Despite the San Francisco being located on a small peninsula, there are over 90 assisted living facilities located throughout the city. These facilities are either small board and care residential homes or large communities that can provide seniors with their ADLs (or Activities of Daily Living). No matter what your loved one’s budget is for care, San Francisco has plenty of assisted living options that can help meet your loved one’s needs.


Local Safety

With San Francisco being a major metropolitan city, the crime and safety ratings are on par with other large U.S. cities. San Francisco is rated 9.8% safer than other U.S. cities and 5.0% safer than all other cities in California. 

When choosing the facility location for your loved one, always make sure to check with local authorities, the facility’s staff and other locals what areas to avoid. Knowing your surroundings and being prepared is always the better route to go (source: Area Vibes)


City Weather

San Francisco is a city known for it’s famous fog layers during the summertime season. On average, summers can average 67 degrees during the day (54 degrees at night) and 58 degrees during the winter (and 47 at night). A fluctuation of 9 degrees during the entire year indicates that the warmer Pacific waters keep the city temperatures steady.

These constant weather conditions are ideal temperatures for Seniors and at most they can grab a jacket if they have to go out at night (source:


Types of Senior Housing

With over 90 assisted living facilities in San Francisco, you should have no trouble finding good care options for your loved one. Although majority of these facilities in the city are two stories or more, most provide their residents with elevators to help them get up and down. 

Should your loved one prefer the comfort of something similar to home, San Francisco has many small residential care homes, also known as “board and care homes.” The facilities typically have 6 residents and there is usually 1 caregiver to care for every 3 residents. 

If your loved one prefers constant activities, frequent socialization or possibly a secured memory wing, the large assisted living communities may be a better fit. These large facilities usually have anywhere from 30 to 200 or more residents such as Sunrise, Brookdale, Vintage, Emeritus and Atria Senior living.


Local Assisted Living Costs

Cost of care in San Francisco can range from $998 per month on the low side and go as high as $8445 per month. On the average, the cost of assisted living care will fall in between $4,000 per month (source: Genworth 2013). 


Cost Factors

The cost of care will depend on your loved ones care needs and an assessment performed by the facility’s administration staff prior to moving in. Other factors that will determine cost are location of the facility, staff experience, private or share room, reputation, age of the facility, amenities and services provided. 


Paying for Assisted Living

Whether you want high end care for your loved one or have a restricted budget, the facilities in San Francisco should be able to meet your family’s needs. While keeping in mind that assisted living is paid through “out of pocket” (not covered by Medicare or Medicaid), other sources of payment can be through long term care insurance or Veteran’s Aid and Attendance. As a last resort option, the Department of Social Services can also assisted in finding your loved one low-income housing.


Nearby Hospitals

Should your loved one require immediate medical attention or just needs their basic check-up, San Francisco has a total of 47 hospitals in the city and nearby areas. Out of those total hospitals, 7 of them have made it on the U.S. News and World Reports’ “Best Regional Hospitals Rankings” which include UCSF Medical Center, California Pacific Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente Redwood City.



Whether your loved one needs to see their doctor or wants to attend mass service, most of the assisted living facilities provide transportation for their residents. Before deciding on a home for your loved one, make sure to ask the management staff if they provide transportation and if it is included in the monthly fee. There are some facilities out there that do not charge a fee for transportation so long as it is not excessive and usually one or two times per month.


If your loved one is still active and can take public transportation, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) provides transportation for seniors and those with disabilities. While the main line vehicles are equipped for wheelchairs, those who are unable to use the transit independently due to a disability or health condition may qualify for a special program. The SFMTA also provides more direct routes through their use of vans, shuttles and taxis to qualified residents.


Senior Community Center

While most large assisted living communities provide frequent activities and socialization throughout the day, your love one may prefer more fun outside of the facility. San Francisco has a good number of Senior Centers located throughout the city where they can enjoy music, performance, dancing, arts and crafts, learning and much more.

Some of these centers include the San Francisco Senior Centers’ Aquatic Park Center and Downtown Location, Dr. George W. Davis Senior Center, Western Addition Senior Center, Excelsior Senior Center, Canon Kip Senior Center and the Lady Shaw Senior Center to name a few.


Local Shopping & Dining 

San Francisco has some of the best shopping and dining in the U.S. If you are want to get your loved out to get some sun, the city will not let you down. Areas that provide a lot of options are Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf at Pier 39, the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, Embarcadero’s Farmer’s Market, Westfield San Francisco Center, Chinatown and Ghirardelli Square to name a few.


Activities for Seniors 

Some of highly recommended places in San Francisco you can take your loved one are:
Palace of Fine Arts – A great place for a stroll, picnic or even taking some pictures with the family. Built for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Expo, this site is another historical landmark rich with culture.

Golden Gate Bridge – Although this can be a tourist hotspot, the views of and from the bridge never get old. It’s also a great place for getting some sun as well.

San Francisco Opera – The season goes from the months of September through November and another one in June and July. The opera is definitely something you and your loved one will find entertaining and enriching.

Golden Gate Park – Another great place for a picnic, the park has tons of space including gardens, a lake and museums. This includes the San Francisco Botanical Gardens, Conservatory, Japanese Tea Gardens and the California Academy of Science.

Legion of Honor – A beautiful art museum with some of the finest collections of European Art. The building itself is modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France

 Union Square – Always a favorite for shopping and dining, you will find here 100s of the most popular stores and some of the best restaurants in town. Union Square is just located right by downtown.


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About the Author: Catharine D. Allado is a Senior Care Expert and the COO of – An extensive online directory of Assisted Living, Memory Care and other types of Senior Housing across the U.S. 

Kate’s Grandmother was sadly a victim of Alzheimer’s Disease and Kate is determined to make a difference in the lives of other families.

Note: Ratings and Grades are based on our staffs’ personal opinions and experiences in the referenced City. SeniorCareHomes.Com has visited and inspected hundreds to thousands of assisted living facilities all across the U.S. While we make every effort to visit as many facilities as possible, we do not claim that we have visited and inspected every single licensed assisted living facility across the U.S.

Sources: AreaVibes, Weather.Com

City Highlights

-Over 90 Assisted Living Facilities

-San Francisco is rated 9.8% safer than all U.S. cities

-Assisted Living Range Costs in San Francisco: $2,500~$6,000 per month

-Temperatures average 67 degrees in the summer and 58 degrees in the winter.

-145 major hospitals such as UCSF Medical Center, California Park Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente Redwood City