Assisted Living in San Francisco

There are 103 Assisted Living Facilities in San Francisco, CA.

Intro to Assisted Living in San Francisco


San Francisco is known as a beautiful, romantic city by the bay and a great place for seniors. It is one of the most unique cities across the country with beautiful weather, tons of activities and things to do, historical landmarks, a very diverse population and a rich history. San Francisco makes the SeniorCareHomes.Com list of “The Top 25 Best Cities for Seniors.”

Some of the popular Assisted Living communities include: Ivy Park Golden Gate, Ivy Park Cathedral City, Aegis of San Francisco, Coterie Luxury Living Cathedral Hill, The Carlisle by Sunrise Senior Living, Cypress at Golden Gate and much more.

Cost of Assisted Living in San Francisco averages about a little more than $6,000/month for care per Genworth Cost of Care Survey. If you family is on a tighter budget, there are small board and care homes that can start at $4,000/month for a shared room. Another option would be considering surrounding cities that can have lower costs of care for Assisted Living. Also, if a war veteran or their spouse qualifies for the VA Aid and Attendance Program, a pension plan will pay for Assisted Living or Memory Care. Ask our expert care advisors for additional details.

If you like the cooler weather, the windy city can get as low as 47* on average at night and average 67* in the summer. Despite the San Francisco being located on a small peninsula, there are over 100 assisted living facilities located throughout the city. These facilities are either small board and care residential homes or large communities that can provide seniors with their ADLs (or Activities of Daily Living).

No matter what your loved one’s budget is for care, San Francisco has plenty of assisted living facility options that can help meet your loved one’s needs.


Guide to San Francisco Assisted Living


100 Assisted Living facilities are located in the city of San Francisco, CA and can accommodate the needs of your Loved One. Depending on their care needs, Assisted Living in San Francisco has facilities that provide daily nutritional meals, bathing, grooming, dressing, medication management and more.

Assisted Living in San Francisco can offer Seniors with amenities and conveniences in any of the 100 large or small facilities. Some examples would be furnished rooms, family dining rooms, activity rooms, wellness programs, beauty salons, spa and swimming pools and saunas. If San Francisco residents need to go out, staff can take them to doctor appointments, religious services, outings to the park, movie theaters, shopping malls, and more.


When Do Seniors need Assisted Living?

Seniors in San Francisco will typically need Assisted Living in San Francisco when it is unsafe to live by themselves at home or they need assistance with their ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). Residents living in Assisted Living in San Francisco can either be independent, need Assisted Living or can be diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.


Types of Facilities in San Francisco

The size of Assisted Living in San Francisco facilities can vary from small, residential care homes to large “resort-style” Assisted Living communities. 

Depending on the size of the 100 facilities in San Francisco, services and amenities can differ. Large communities can offer a broader range of amenities due to its size and staff while the smaller, residential care homes offer a more intimate, home-like atmosphere. 


Residential Care Homes in San Francisco

Assisted Living in San Francisco offers Residential Care Homes located are regular homes in the neighborhood that have been converted to care for 6 to 10 senior residents. These "home-feel" Assisted Living in San Francisco homes are licensed by California's State Licensing Division and permitted by the city of San Francisco.

Assisted Living residents in San Francisco residential care homes prefer a "home-like" intimate setting that they are used to at home. While there are many residential care homes that provide activities, pet and music therapy, fitness programs and more. Typically, the residents prefer to be with a smaller group of seniors.

With Assisted Living in San Francisco smaller facility sizes and lower number of residents, the Caregiver-to-Resident Ratio in a San Francisco residential care home is 1 Caregiver for every 2 to 3 residents.

If your loved one prefers a smaller, home-like setting, a residential care home might be the answer. Some of these homes in San Francisco include Nobis Care Home, Damenik's Home, and more. These licensed are facilities provide care in a small home with six to ten residents. Most of these homes also provide activities, daily meals, assistance bathing, dressing and there are typically 1 caregiver per every 2 or 3 residents.

With over 100 Assisted Living Facilities in San Francisco, you should not have a problem finding great care for your loved one.


Large Communities in San Francisco

Assisted Living in San Francisco’s Large Communities will look like a large resort or hotel with 50 to 200 residents. These Assisted Living in San Francisco care facilities will usually be located in commercial areas and are also regulated by California's State Licensing Department. These large senior living facilities can also have a secure Memory Wing that can keep residents suffering from Alzheimer's safe from wandering.

Some nationally recognized Assisted Living in San Francisco Communities are familiar names like Sunrise Senior Living, Brookdale Senior Living, Enlivant Senior Living, Atria Senior Living, Pacifica Senior Living, Belmont Village Senior Living, Senior Lifestyle, SRG Senior Living, MBK Senior Living, Oakmont Senior Living & Memory Care, Holiday Retirement, and Five Star Senior Living to name a few.

Seniors living in Large Assisted Living Communities in San Francisco will typically prefer these types of Facilities due to the daily schedule of activities, higher levels of socialization with other residents, chef prepared meals, music and pet therapy, music and art classes, fitness classes and regular outings.

Due to the large size of the Assisted Living facility and larger number of residents, the typical Caregiver-to-Resident Ratio for Assisted Living in San Francisco can range from 1 Caregiver for every 6 to 12 Residents in these types of facilities.


San Francisco Assisted Living Costs


The average cost of San Francisco Assisted Living is $4,500 per month (source: Genworth Financial). Whether your loved one prefers San Francisco Assisted Living residential care homes or large Assisted Living communities, the lowest cost care and rent starts at $3,000 and can go as high as $7,500 depending on the level of care needs. To find out what factors play a part of the monthly costs of Assisted Living, Click Here.


Paying for Care

Paying for San Francisco Assisted Living can be done through a variety of ways. Most residents and families in San Francisco pay for care out of pocket or also called "Private Pay." Other methods of paying for San Francisco Assisted Living through Long Term Care Insurance, Veterans Aid and Attendance. 

Unfortunately, Medicare or Medicaid does not cover the costs of Assisted Living care and rent in San Francisco. For more details and options on how you can pay for San Francisco Assisted Living, Click Here.


Making Care Affordable

Veterans Aid and Attendance

Veterans Aid and Attendance for San Francisco Assisted Living is an important program offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). This program provides supplementary benefits to veterans, their spouses, and surviving family members. The VA Aid and Attendance program in San Francisco helps those who have served our country access necessary medical care and assistance with activities of daily living.

In order to qualify for these additional funds, a person must meet certain financial, medical, and service requirements. The amount of the benefit for San Francisco Assisted Living depends on individual circumstances such as income level and other factors.

If you or a loved one may qualify for the VA Aid and Attendance program in San Francisco, it's important to reach out to organizations like American Veterans Aid or that can provide additional information about this benefit and help you complete the application process.

At times when our nation’s veterans need extra support, programs like VA Aid and Attendance for San Francisco make sure they get the help they deserve. Our brave service men and women have given so much for this country; it's time we protect and take care of them too.


Assisted Living Waiver

An Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) is a Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver that provides San Francisco Assisted Living services to elderly or disabled individuals who require assistance with personal care and household tasks.The ALW program pays for the costs of care in San Francisco assisted living facilities for eligible people with Medicaid, allowing them to remain in their community as an alternative to residing in a licensed health care facility. 

Depending on the state, services provided in San Francisco under the ALW program may include help with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, transferring from bed to chair and back again, medication management, housekeeping, laundry services and more.


Medicare or Medicaid

Medicare does not pay for long-term care (Assisted Living or Memory Care) in San Francisco. Medicare does, however, pay for those in hospital or nursing homes for stays usually up to 90 days. You can learn more by going to or for more information.

California’s Medicaid program helps pay for Assisted Living Facilities in San Francisco through the Assisted Living Waiver. In order for seniors in San Francisco to be eligible for this program, the elderly has to be a Medi-Cal beneficiary. To learn more about the Waiver Program, contact California Department of Home Care Services (DHCS) at (1000) 281-9799 or visit DHCS.


Low Income Housing

If the costs of Assisted Living in San Francisco still seems a little out of reach for you and your loved one, you can also search for facilities in nearby cities. Sometimes residential care homes or large communities in San Bruno and San Mateo, for example, may cost less in rent or care per month. If you need help finding these facilities, our care advisors can help at no charge. Just call them at 877.523.6523 or click here and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you still need care options under $3,000 per month, you can also get in touch with your state’s Department of Social Services. This government agency helps those with restricted budgets and low-income housing resources.


Finding Top San Francisco Assisted Living


As someone who is looking for a new assisted living facility for themselves or their loved one, the task can seem daunting. But with the right approach, you can find the perfect fit in no time. Here are some tips on how to find an assisted living home that meets your needs:

  • Determine what type of care is needed - It’s important to determine exactly what kind of services and level of care is required before considering an assisted living facility. This will help narrow down the list of potential facilities.
  • Research each option thoroughly - Read reviews from current and former residents. Take the time to visit each facility in person to get a better understanding of its atmosphere and meet staff members face-to-face.
  • Ask questions - Once you've narrowed down your options, take the time to thoroughly explore each one before making a commitment. Ask questions about services offered, safety protocols, and other concerns to ensure that the facility is up to standard.


Where Can I Get Quality Assisted Living Guidance?

Since 2007, provides free Senior Living in San Francisco options to help seniors and families find the best-matched facilities based on budget, location and care needs. The process for finding the right care home or community can be overwhelming and daunting. SeniorCareHomes helps make the journey much easier for all of the families we’ve helped since 2007.

Contact one of our Expert Care Advisors today to get started for Senior Living in San Francisco options at (877) 523-6523 x1 or Click Here to be contacted.


San Francisco Assisted Living Tips and Resources


California Licensing for Assisted Living San Francisco

The 100 Assisted Living San Francisco Facilities are licensed, inspected and regulated by California’s Department of Health Services. Their responsibilities are to have the administrators currently licensed, inspect the Assisted Living San Francisco facility before it opens, ensure the Assisted Living  facility is operating up to standards and the community residents are receiving good care.


10 Signs that it’s Time for Assisted Living in San Francisco

Here are some signs that you can look out for observing your Loved One:

  1. Mobility Issues: Having a hard time walking, limping or showing pain when they walk. 
  2. Memory Problems: Not remembering important appointments or not taking their medication.
  3. Help with Hygiene: Not showering, smelly clothes, bad breath, forgetting to shave.
  4. Housekeeping Issues: Expired food with mold, laundry not washed or folded, bedroom and/or bathroom unclean.
  5. Driving Safety Issues: Scratches and dents on the car, tires under inflated, service light alerts
  6. Weight Loss: Noticeable, sudden weight loss, lack of food in the fridge or pantry
  7. Old Medication: Expired medicine bottles or unfulfilled prescriptions
  8. Inability to Communicate: Difficulty in communicating their feelings or emotions

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How to Choose a Assisted Living in San Francisco

  1. Understand Your Loved One’s Needs
  2. Know Your Senior Living Options
  3. Tour Multiple Assisted Living Facilities
  4. Ask the Right Questions when Touring
  5. Be Thorough When Touring
  6. Talk to the Residents
  7. Try the Food in the Dining Room
  8. Evaluate the Safety and Security Measures

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Touring Checklist for San Francisco

So you’re set and ready to tour Assisted Living Communities or Residential Care Homes in San Francisco. Here are some important questions to ask when touring:

  1. Does the facility in San Francisco offer personal care services and amenities that cater to my needs?
  2. Is the facility located nearby for family members & loved ones to visit?
  3. Is the facility located in a safe neighborhood?
  4. Is the facility within my budget?
  5. Is the entire facility accessible to walkers and wheelchairs?
  6. Are there grab bars & non-skid floors in the bathrooms?
  7. Is there a door alarm system if a resident wanders?
  8. Are call buttons located throughout the facility?

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How to Talk to a Loved One About Moving

  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Use Empathy
  3. Be Honest
  4. Listed Actively
  5. Highlight the Benefits
  6. Involve them in the Decision
  7. Offer Support

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How to Ease the Transition into a Facility in San Francisco

  1. Involve them in the process
  2. Visit the Facility together
  3. Personalize their Living Space
  4. Encourages isolation
  5. Maintain regular contact
  6. Be Patient and Understanding
  7. Monitor their well-being
  8. Visit them as much as possible

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Licensing and Regulation for San Francisco

Assisted Living is regulated by the Department of Social Services and inspected by state officials. Every state has its own policies and guidelines. If the quality standards are not met, the state will not issue a license to the facility or for existing care facilities, the license will be revoked. This helps ensure the quality of senior care services in all assisted living facilities.


Frequently Asked Questions About San Francisco Assisted Living


What types of services do Senior Care Facilities in San Francisco provide?

These care facilities provide Assisted Living, Memory Care, Independent Living, Hospice Care and Memory Care in San Francisco.

How many Assisted Living Facilities in San Francisco are there?

There are approximately 100 facilities in San Francisco.

How many residents live in an Assisted Living Facilities in San Francisco?

In a residential care home, licensing usually allows 6 residents per home (depending on the state). In a large Assisted Living facility, there may be 50 to 100 or even more than 200 residents in a community.

Is a Nursing Home (Skilled Nursing Facility) the same thing as Assisted Living?

A lot of people get confused with so many terms. Usually, Nursing homes in San Francisco are for patients who have serious medical conditions that will require 24-hour nursing assistance.

If your loved one needs day to day assistance like bathing, dressing, meds, toileting and grooming, then assisted living in San Francisco would be a better fit.

 What are the Popular Assisted Living Facilities in San Francisco?

The most popular Assisted Living facilities are Brookdale Senior Living, Sunrise Senior Living, Atria Senior Living, Pacifica Senior Living, Enlivant and more. If they are not located in San Francisco, they are usually in higher populated cities.

How much does Assisted Living Facilities cost in San Francisco?

Cost of care per month can start at $3,000 for Assisted Living, $5,000 for Memory Care and $2,500 for independent living in San Francisco.

What determines the cost for Assisted Living in San Francisco?

Costs in San Francisco will depend on care needs, preferences and location of the resident and assessed by the staff before time to move in. 

What is the Veterans Aid and Attendance for Long Term Care? 

The Veterans Administration (VA) offers a special pension called Aid and Attendance that helps pay for care in an assisted living, memory care or nursing home facility in San Francisco. 

This VA benefit is largely unknown and often overlooked by families of veterans or surviving spouses of veterans who need financial assistance to help care for aging loved ones in San Francisco. For more information, go to this article here

Are there Assisted Living Facilities in San Francisco that accept Medicaid or low income housing programs?

You can go to and request them for a list of Assisted Living or Memory Care facilities in San Francisco that take Medicaid.

Does Medicare pay for Assisted Living or Memory Care?

Medicare does not pay for long-term care in San Francisco. They will pay for hospital or nursing homes for stays usually up to 90 days. You can learn more at for more information.


About the City of San Francisco


Local Safety

With San Francisco being a major metropolitan city, the crime and safety ratings are on par with other large U.S. cities. San Francisco is rated 9.8% safer than other U.S. cities and 5.0% safer than all other cities in California. 

When choosing the facility location for your loved one, always make sure to check with local authorities, the facility’s staff and other locals what areas to avoid. Knowing your surroundings and being prepared is always the better route to go (source: Area Vibes)


City Weather

San Francisco is a city known for it’s famous fog layers during the summertime season. On average, summers can average 67 degrees during the day (54 degrees at night) and 58 degrees during the winter (and 47 at night). A fluctuation of 9 degrees during the entire year indicates that the warmer Pacific waters keep the city temperatures steady.

These constant weather conditions are ideal temperatures for Seniors and at most they can grab a jacket if they have to go out at night (source:


Nearby Hospitals

Should your loved one require immediate medical attention or just needs their basic check-up, San Francisco has a total of 47 hospitals in the city and nearby areas. Out of those total hospitals, 7 of them have made it on the U.S. News and World Reports’ “Best Regional Hospitals Rankings” which include UCSF Medical Center, California Pacific Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente Redwood City.



Whether your loved one needs to see their doctor or wants to attend mass service, most of the assisted living facilities provide transportation for their residents. Before deciding on a home for your loved one, make sure to ask the management staff if they provide transportation and if it is included in the monthly fee. There are some facilities out there that do not charge a fee for transportation so long as it is not excessive and usually one or two times per month.


If your loved one is still active and can take public transportation, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) provides transportation for seniors and those with disabilities. While the main line vehicles are equipped for wheelchairs, those who are unable to use the transit independently due to a disability or health condition may qualify for a special program. The SFMTA also provides more direct routes through their use of vans, shuttles and taxis to qualified residents.


Senior Community Center

While most large assisted living communities provide frequent activities and socialization throughout the day, your love one may prefer more fun outside of the facility. San Francisco has a good number of Senior Centers located throughout the city where they can enjoy music, performance, dancing, arts and crafts, learning and much more.

Some of these centers include the San Francisco Senior Centers’ Aquatic Park Center and Downtown Location, Dr. George W. Davis Senior Center, Western Addition Senior Center, Excelsior Senior Center, Canon Kip Senior Center and the Lady Shaw Senior Center to name a few.


Local Shopping & Dining 

San Francisco has some of the best shopping and dining in the U.S. If you are want to get your loved out to get some sun, the city will not let you down. Areas that provide a lot of options are Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf at Pier 39, the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, Embarcadero’s Farmer’s Market, Westfield San Francisco Center, Chinatown and Ghirardelli Square to name a few.


Activities for Seniors 

Some of highly recommended places in San Francisco you can take your loved one are:
Palace of Fine Arts - A great place for a stroll, picnic or even taking some pictures with the family. Built for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Expo, this site is another historical landmark rich with culture.

Golden Gate Bridge - Although this can be a tourist hotspot, the views of and from the bridge never get old. It’s also a great place for getting some sun as well.

San Francisco Opera - The season goes from the months of September through November and another one in June and July. The opera is definitely something you and your loved one will find entertaining and enriching.

Golden Gate Park - Another great place for a picnic, the park has tons of space including gardens, a lake and museums. This includes the San Francisco Botanical Gardens, Conservatory, Japanese Tea Gardens and the California Academy of Science.

Legion of Honor - A beautiful art museum with some of the finest collections of European Art. The building itself is modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France

Union Square - Always a favorite for shopping and dining, you will find here 100s of the most popular stores and some of the best restaurants in town. Union Square is just located right by downtown.


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City Highlights

-Over 100 Assisted Living Facilities

-San Francisco is rated 9.8% safer than all U.S. cities

-Assisted Living Range Costs in San Francisco: $4,000~$8,445 per month

-Temperatures average 67 degrees in the summer and 58 degrees in the winter.

-145 major hospitals such as UCSF Medical Center, California Park Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente Redwood City



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