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Decorah Assisted Living Facilities

There are 4 Assisted Living Facilities Facilities in Decorah, IA.

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    Aase Haugen Assisted Living

    Aase Haugen Assisted Living is a Assisted Living Facilities community on 4 Ohio St. that provides personal care, housing, and support services to seniors in a home-like setting.  Aase Haugen Assisted Living, located in Decorah, Iowa and provides senior residents with personalized care and assi...

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    Arlin Falck Assisted Living

    Arlin Falck Assisted Living is located in Decorah, Iowa on 911 Ridgewood Dr. and provides a caring Assisted Living Facilities approach for residents that starts from the heart. Caring staff members are dedicated to serve and care for each resident as a family member. Arlin Falck Assisted Living’...

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    Oneota Village Assisted Living

    Oneota Village Assisted Living is located in Decorah, Iowa on 5 Ohio St, and provides a caring Assisted Living Facilities approach for residents that starts from the heart. Caring staff members are dedicated to serve and care for each resident as a family member. Oneota Village Assisted Living’s...

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    Wellington Place

    As a large care community for the elderly, the goal of Wellington Place is to provide quality Assisted Living Facilities to their senior residents. Wellington Place aims to provide a safe, loving and enriching environment for their residents. Whether it’s help with bathing, eating, dressing up, ...

Assisted Living Facilities in Decorah, IA



4 Assisted Living facilities are located in the city of Decorah, Iowa or nearby and can accommodate the needs of your Loved One. In Decorah, depending on its residents’ care needs, these Senior Living facilities provide daily nutritional meals, bathing, grooming, dressing, medication management and more.

Also, these 4 facilities in Decorah can provide Seniors with family dining rooms, activity rooms, wellness programs, beauty salons, furnished rooms, outings, religious activities and more.


When Do Seniors in Decorah Need Assistance?

Seniors in Decorah will typically need this type of long term care when it is unsafe to live by themselves at home or they need assistance with their ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). Residents in these types of Decorah senior living facilities in can either be independent, need assisted living, and can be diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.


Types of Facilities in Decorah

The size of an Assisted Living facility in Decorah can vary from a small, residential board and care home to a large “resort-style” community.


A. Small Care Home Facilities in Decorah

Description and Size

Board and Care Homes located in Decorah are regular residential homes in the neighborhood that have been converted to care for 6 to 10 senior residents. These care homes are licensed by Iowa’s State Licensing Division and permitted by the City of Decorah.

Types of Residents

Residents in these Decorah care homes prefer a “home-like” intimate setting that they are used to at home. While there are many small residential care homes that provide activities, pet and music therapy, fitness programs and more, these residents prefer to be with a smaller group of seniors.

Caregiver to Resident Ratio

With the smaller facility size and lower number of residents, the Caregiver-to-Resident Ratio in a Decorah Board and Care is 1 Caregiver for every 2 to 3 residents.


B. Large Communities in Decorah

Description and Size

Large Assisted Living Communities in Decorah will look like a large resort or hotel with 50 to 200 residents. These care facilities will usually be located in commercial areas and are also regulated by Iowa’s State Licensing Department. These large senior living facilities can also have a secure Memory Wing that can keep residents suffering from Alzheimer’s safe from wandering.

Some nationally recognized  Communities that may be in Decorah or nearby are familiar names like Sunrise Senior Living, Brookdale Senior Living, Emeritus Senior Living, Atria Senior Living, Belmont Village, Senior Lifestyle, Holiday Retirement, and Five Star Senior Living to name a few.

Types of Residents

Seniors living in Large Communities in Decorah will typically prefer these type of Assisted Living Facilities due to the daily schedule of activities, higher levels of socialization with other residents, chef prepared meals, music and pet therapy, music and art classes, fitness classes and regular outings.

Caregiver to Resident Ratio

Due to the large size of the facility and higher number of residents, the typical Caregiver-to-Resident Ratio in Decorah can range from 1 Caregiver for every 6 to 12 Residents in Assisted Living Facilities.


Assisted Living Costs in Decorah

The average cost of Assisted Living in Decorah is $ per month (source: Genworth Financial). Whether your loved one prefers a small residential care home or a large community in Decorah, the lowest cost care and rent starts at is $ and can go as high as $ depending on the level of care needs. To find out what factors play a part of the monthly cost, Click Here.


Paying for Assisted Living Care in Decorah

Paying for Assisted Living in Decorah can be done through a variety of ways. Most residents and families in Decorah pay for care out of pocket or also called “Private Pay.” Other methods of paying for this type of Senior Living in Decorah is through Long Term Care Insurance, Veteran’s Aid and family members. Unfortunately, Medicare or Medicaid does not cover the costs of care and rent in Decorah. For more details and options on how you can pay for care, Click Here.


Iowa Licensing for Assisted Living Facilities in Decorah

The 4 Facilities in Decorah are licensed, inspected and regulated by Iowa’s Department of Inspections and Appeals, Adult Services Bureau. Their responsibilities are to have the administrators currently licensed, inspect the senior housing facility before it opens, ensure the facility is operating up to standards and the residents are receiving good care.


We encourage you to browse through our Facility Listings in Decorah to help you narrow down your options and save time. For more free information regarding Senior Living options and pricing in Decorah, please contact 877.523.6523 and an Expert Care Advisor will be more than happy to help you.


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