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altFrequently marked by late nights and over-indulgence, holidays may sometimes leave you feeling more burnt-out and unhealthy. Taking occasional breaks from the stress and strains of everyday life is important for our health as well as maintaining a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

In This Health Management Holiday Article:

What is Health Management Holiday?
Health Management Holiday Treatments

Popular Destinations For Health Management Holidays

What is Health Management Holiday?

Health Management Holidays have been increasingly popular as people are becoming more health-conscious nowadays. People are taking health and stress management holidays that are designed to recharge, encourage weight loss and help kick-start a healthier lifestyle.

There are many different types of health management holidays and people take them with different health goals in mind. Spa resorts may concentrate on stress relief, relaxation and mental well-being while others are geared more towards physical fitness, incorporating a more vigorous exercise program that might include cycling, hiking, running and work in the gym. Weight loss holidays are obviously geared towards shedding a few pounds.

A lot of health management holidays take some or all of these elements and tailor them to suit the individual’s needs. There is a rigidly structured program or a more relaxed one. The health programs may vary but they all have a support network to offer advice and to ensure that every visitor can work towards their own goals.

Types of Health Management Holiday Treatments

The health management treatments and facilities available may vary from location to location but will often include the following:

Spa treatments

Massage is a near universal feature of spa holidays, but there are many different types. Swedish massage is perhaps the most widely known but Turkish and Thai variants are also popular. Japanese shiatsu uses localized finger pressure on specific points and then there are further variations such as aromatherapy and hot stone massage.

Spa treatments usually include various sauna and water therapy treatments, which may include options such as colonic irrigation, acupuncture and beauty treatments. These spa treatments are designed to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and recharged.

Weight loss and physical exercise

Professionally designed and personally tailored menus and diets are common feature of weight loss holidays. Personal trainers, individual fitness programs and group exercise classes are available to provide motivation. Some of the more vigorous schedules might include outdoor runs and cycle rides but calmer activities such as yoga can also be effective.

Health management holiday destinations incorporate a detox program, helps people sweat out toxins in the body and provide healthy meals that make guests feel like a new person.

Popular Destinations For Health Management Holidays

Health management holidays are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. From British country house retreats to health resorts in the USA and picturesque central Europe, there’s always a venue and program to suit everyone’s taste.

The best destination is the one that suits each individual’s needs and personal taste. Health management holidays are about more than a weekend or annual fortnight of healthy living. Best of all, they offer the guests the opportunity to start or re-start a healthy way of living that can be taken back home into everyday life.

About the Author: Dan Aldulescu is a travel writer who specializes in researching and recommending the best offers on Health Management Holidays. Dan works for Danubius, a European hotel chain that offers a range of four and five-star health spa hotels throughout Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Romania.


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