We all enjoy the independence of driving our own cars. However, as we age, some of our physical and mental skills change.

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Safe Tips While Driving
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This may affect our driving ability. Here are some tips to keep you and others around you safe when you drive:

Before leaving:

  • Plan your route. Be sure to drive on streets you are familiar with. Check the map or Internet for directions, if necessary.
  • Do not take the freeway or highway, if fast cars bother you.
  • Limit driving to daytime hours if you are having night vision problems.
  • Avoid driving in bad weather conditions
  • Avoid driving during rush hour. Plan to leave after the morning rush, usually after 9 am and plan to return home before the evening rush, which typically starts around 4 pm.
  • Do not drive when you are tired or stressed.
  • Check to see if your medication may cause drowsiness. If so, do not drive.
  • Check your tires.


While Driving:

  • Be sure to wear your seat belt at all times.
  • Do not use your cell phone while driving.
  • Do not follow too close. Leave a big space between you and the other cars.
  • Look out for pedestrians
  • Focus on the road and avoid any distractions.
  • Turn on your headlights
  • Drive within the speed limit. If you drive slower than most cars, stay on the right lane.
  • Use your turn signals, when necessary and change lanes carefully.


Other Important Reminders:

  • Drive a car that meets your needs. Be sure that your car has features that will make driving easier like: automatic transmission, power steering, power breaks, large mirrors, etc.
  • Replace windshield wiper blades, when needed.
  • Check headlights to make sure they are cleaned and aligned.
  • See your doctor regularly to check your vision, hearing and general health.
  • Exercise regularly to be physically fit.
  • It would be helpful to take a driving refresher class every few years as this will remind you of safe driving guidelines. Take note that some car insurance companies give discounts when you pass the class.


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