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altNo matter how hard a family tries to help an elderly loved one stay in their own home, there often comes a time when allowing a senior to live alone no longer makes sense. When a senior cannot properly take care of himself or herself anymore, the senior may need to leave their home and move in with one of their children, a relative, or perhaps into an assisted living or a nursing home.

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Preparing your Elderly Loved One for Change
The Family Conversation
Moving Day Tips For Seniors

Preparing Your Elderly Loved One for Change

Moving to a relative’s home, a senior care home or a smaller place can be emotionally overwhelming for an elderly person. In order to make a senior move as easy and as stress-free as possible, family members and friends will need to plan things ahead of time as it involves a lot emotions and preparation. Most people will agree, that convincing seniors to move to another place can be very difficult. This may be because most seniors are afraid to live in an unfamiliar environment (who wouldn’t) or are scared to lose their independence.

The Family Conversation

When planning a senior move, it is important to involve the entire family as well as the senior in the conversation. It should be made very clear that the only reason why the family is proposing a senior move is because they are concerned about the health and safety of their elderly loved one. The positive side of a senior move should be emphasized such as there will be more social interaction and activities for the senior and more help with activities of daily living like eating, bathing, toileting, dressing and light house chores if the destination is assisted living, nursing home or other types of senior housing. If the senior will be moving in with a relative, then it will mean more quality time with the family.

It is important for seniors to know that they are free to take their favorite things and treasures wherever they move. To help facilitate the senior move, measurements should be taken and diagrams of the future living space should be drawn up so decisions can be made ahead of time about the things to bring and the things to sell, donate or give away. This step is likely to give the senior peace of mind, as they will be reassured to know that they are free to take their most valuable possessions with them when they leave.

If the senior has pets, it is important to include this in the planning process. Hopefully the senior will be allowed to bring his or her pet to the new place. If this is not possible, then someone else in the family should be assigned to find those beloved animal companions a good home. Please note that some assisted living places and senior care homes allow pets. If the senior is moving to an assisted living or a different type of senior housing, be sure to contact the senior care facility ahead of time to inquire about pet policies and to make arrangements.

Remember, family involvement is key to a successful senior move. It will ensure that everyone’s opinions are considered and a decision will be made with the approval and support of the entire family, including the senior. Thus, preventing any conflict that may affect family relations.

Moving Day Tips For Seniors

When the day comes to relocate, the senior being moved should stay at a family member’s place while the senior movers or other family members move the senior’s things to the new location. A senior move will be less stressful emotionally if the senior does not have to watch the home she or he loves being emptied out. It is actually better if the senior arrives at the new home after everything has been unpacked and set up. Patience, compassion and understanding are important during this day because senior move is a life changing event that can significantly affect your elderly loved one’s lifestyle.

Remember, there is always going to be certain sadness involved during a senior move. However, this transition can still be a smooth one if the people who love the elderly person leaving their former life behind have planned and organized a senior move that is orderly, painless and efficient.

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