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Alabama Memory Care Facilities

Overview of Memory Care in Alabama

Memory Care Facilities in Alabama are also known as memory care or dementia facilities and the state has more than 480 facilities to accommodate your loved one. These memory care facilities are specifically designed to treat and provide special care to seniors who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. 

Memory Care facilities can differ in size. One type of facility is a large community with more than 50 residents. These large facilities can also have secured memory wings to help those seniors that have tendencies to wander.

The other type of facility is a small, residential care home (or Board and Care) with an average of 6 to 10 senior residents. These facilities provide care to their residents in a home-like environment. It is important to note that if you have a loved one that wanders, these care homes typically do not have a secured memory wing, although some may have security systems installed. 

When you tour any type of care facility, it is always recommended to check with the staff on their safety procedures for peace of mind. Read More

Cost of Memory Care In Alabama

The cost of Alzheimers Memory Care in Alabama can range from the low $2,600s to as high as $5,700/month. The cost of Alzheimer’s Disease is more expensive than Assisted Living since the residents require more supervision and resources. A big cost factor is if the resident has a tendency to wander. For the most part, the resident will be required to stay in a secure memory wing to keep them safe and protected.

Should your loved one not wander but still suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, some communities will allow the resident to stay in the Assisted Living side depending on how severe the disease is and the level of care required. 

As with any acceptance into a care facility, the admissions staff will perform an evaluation along with the doctor’s report to determine the care needs, cost of care and if a secured memory care facility is required. Other factors that influence monthly costs are help and supervision with bathing, dressing, medication management, eating, toileting, room preference (private or shared room with or without bathroom), location of the facility, transportation services, experience of the staff and number of years the facility has been in business

Provided Services

Memory Care facilities in Alabama provide 24-hour caregiving support and higher level of security to protect those Alzheimer’s patients that have the tendency to wander. These facilities have social programs and services that provide Alzheimer’s patients with as much mental and memory stimulation as possible. 

Memory care facilities in Alabama will typically have more staff members and caregivers who undergo additional training on how to care for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. The facility also provides structured programs and activities that are available to meet the needs of its residents. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, chess and several board games are usually available for the seniors as it can help stimulate the brain of sensors of those suffering from the disease.

Alzheimer’s Care facilities also provide assistance with activities of daily living like help with eating, bathing, toileting, grooming, dressing-up and minor chores. In addition, they offer daily meals, laundry, hairdressing, medication assistance and transportation services.


State Licensing and Regulation

Alzheimers Memory Care Facilities are regulated by Alabama’s Department of Public Health, Bureau of Health Provider Standards. This department of the state government is in charge of licensing, inspecting and monitoring all activities that occur in the facility. 

The Bureau of Health Provider Standards regulates the operation and provision of service in these care facility settings including other things such as acceptance and retention criteria, admission requirements, relocation process, staff training, criminal background checks, medication management, food service, dementia care, health-related services, hospice, administrator qualifications, disaster planning, and resident rights.


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-480 Memory Care Facilities
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-Capital of Alabama: Montgomery
-Area Size of Alabama: 52,423 sq.mi
-Population of Alabama: 4,833,722 (23rd out of 50 states)
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-Hundreds of Memory Care Facilities in Alabama to meet your Loved One’s Needs

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