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free information on how senior citizens can budgetTimes are hard. With this economic condition, it is very important to use your money wisely. Spending less money means more savings for you.

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Shop Wisely
Save on Food and Entertainment
Discounts on Prescription Drugs
Cutting down on Insurance Expense
Vacation and Travel Discounts
Lower Bank and Credit Card Fees
Cost-cutting Tips at Home

As a Senior Citizen, you can take advantage of all the discount privileges available to you. Many stores, hotels, theaters, restaurants, airlines and other establishments offer senior citizen discounts but do not advertise it. They don’t even give you the discount automatically, unless you ask for it. Make sure you ask, otherwise, you’ll miss out.

Here are important Money-Saving tips for senior citizens. Tips that can potentially save you thousands of money annually.

Shop Wisely

  1. Check the store if they have any Senior Discount Policy. This is getting popular nowadays. Some stores offer discounts on purchases made by seniors. Make sure you ask about it so you don’t miss out on any discounts. Remember, there’s no harm in asking.
  2. Make a list and stick to it. Be sure to write down the things that you need before going to the grocery to avoid any unnecessary purchases. Be sure to update this list frequently.
  3. Buy the store brand or the generic version. Most likely, the store brand is as good as the name brand. This will help a lot lowering your regular grocery bill.
  4. Compare the price of items you buy in your local grocery with other stores in your area. You will be surprised on how much money you can save by shopping in the cheaper grocery store.
  5. Do not go to the grocery when you are hungry, otherwise, you will end-up buying more than you actually need.
  6. Sign-up for any free rewards program. You might not shop that much at that store, but you will accumulate points every time you do. Plus, the nice thing about this is that most likely the store would send you coupons and discounts as part of their promotions.
  7. For online shopping, be sure to search the web for any online coupon codes and discounts before finalizing your order. There lots of websites out there that maintain a list of coupon and discount codes for hundreds of online stores.
  8. Shop the clearance or bargain department, most online stores have this. Be sure to check if they have a free-shipping promotion (usually stores require a minimum purchase amount).

Save on Food and Entertainment

  1. Prepare meals at home instead of dining out. It’s cheaper this way plus its healthier.
  2. Dine-out only during special occasions. You will be surprised on the amount of money you can save.
  3. Take advantage of senior discounts. Most theaters and restaurants offer discounts for Senior Citizens so be sure to ask.
  4. Check the newspaper and the Internet for any restaurant coupons.

Save Big on Prescription Drugs

  1. Always ask your doctor for the generic versions. It is much cheaper compared to brand name drugs.
  2. Ask your doctor for several free samples.
  3. Check the Internet for coupons. Some manufacturers provide coupons for their products.
  4. Check with your pharmacy if they offer any Senior Citizen discounts or any discounts from organizations you belong to, like AARP.
  5. Pill-splitting. Most of the time prescription drugs cost almost the same regardless of the dosage. As your doctor if he can give you a prescription for twice the amount of dose you need so you can split it in half before taking it. Be very cautious when doing this. Make sure to ask your doctor and pharmacist for advice before doing this. They should be able to tell you whether or not you can cut each pill in half before taking it.

Insurance Saving Tips

  1. Use the same insurance company for your home and car. Most Insurance Companies give a big discount when you use the same company for insuring your home(s) and car(s).
  2. Before scheduling your medical visit, be sure to check if your doctor is part of the “In-network” of your insurance company and if the procedure will be covered. Most of the time if you go to an “Out of Network” Provider, you end up paying a higher deductible and more out-of-pocket expense.
  3. Medicare recipients can save money by getting a Medigap Policy. This is an insurance policy sold by private insurance companies to help pay for some medical services not covered by Medicare. To read more about Medigap Policies, click here.

Vacation and Travel Discounts

  1. Always check the Internet for the lowest plane fares. Sometimes, the Senior Citizen discount that airlines offer may not be the best deal.
  2. Some hotels offer Senior Citizen discounts. It would be best to call and check with the hotel if they offer this kind of discount before making your reservation. It will also be wise to check the Internet for any on-going promotions for comparison purposes.
  3. Take advantage of Senior Citizen discounts for car rentals and public transportation.

Banks and Credit Cards

  1. Call your bank and ask them for the best program that will suit your banking needs. Most of the banks now have no fees if you maintain a certain amount.
  2. Call your credit card company and ask for an interest rate reduction. Most of the time, they will give you a lower rate.
  3. Negotiate with your credit card company about waiving or lowering your annual fee. Most of the time, they would accommodate you, but if not, at least you tried.
  4. Pay your bills online. It’s completely free and convenient. Plus it will save you money from postage.

Cost-Cutting Tips at Home

  1. Consider using fluorescent bulbs as this will save you up to 50% in lighting bills.
  2. Be sure to turn-off the lights and other appliances when not in use to save money on electricity.
  3. Replace your old appliances with energy efficient appliances. Look for the “Energy Star” label as you may be eligible to receive rebates, credits or sales tax exemptions just by buying qualified energy efficient appliances. Click here to check on special offers or rebates available in your area.
  4. Have a yard sale to get rid of things you don’t need. As the popular saying goes: “Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”
  5. Rule of thumb: Anything you haven’t used or worn for a year or so need to be given away.
  6. Wash your hands thoroughly. Keeping your hands clean will prevent you from acquiring all kinds of bacteria and viruses. This will help save a lot on medical bills.


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