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Did you know that socialization is very important for seniors?  Social support and interaction, play a very important role in our overall health, especially for the elderly. It helps seniors stay healthy physically, socially, and mentally.

Regular social interactions are proven to be good for our body and mind. Studies show that people tend to function better when they’re part of the community and when they are around other people.


Here are the top 3 Benefits of Socialization for the elderly:


  1. Consistent socialization reduces stress and anxiety, which helps avoid depression. When seniors are socially active, they tend to be happier as it prevents the feeling of isolation, boredom, and loneliness. Studies show that people who are more socially engaged tend to handle stress a lot better.


  1. Socialization builds self-esteem. Being socially active promotes the sense of belonging, safety & security. Encouraging seniors to join social groups, taking part in any community events, or simply staying in touch with friends and family are good ways to socialize.


  1. Improves overall physical and mental health. Staying socially engaged can further enhance the elderly’s cognitive health. Regular stimulation for older adults can help prevent cognitive decline including memory loss and other forms of Dementia.


How to Encourage Seniors To be Socially Active and Engaged


After pointing out how important socialization is for the elderly, it’s now time to discuss ways on how we can ensure that they stay socially active and engaged.

Here are 6 helpful tips on how to encourage seniors to maintain a healthy socially active lifestyle.


  1. Plan activities on a regular basis. You can plan activities based on your aging loved one’s health condition. If they are physically healthy and able to go for morning walks with you, then do it. It’s a great way to start your day. It will also give them an opportunity to talk to people around the neighborhood.


  1. Suggest doing some volunteer work. Volunteering is an excellent way to keep them busy and at the same time it gives them a sense of purpose in life. Interacting and helping others in the community will give them another opportunity to stay socially active and engage with others.


  1. Show them how to stay active on social media. Social media has been a very popular tool among seniors. It allows them to stay in touch with family and friends easily no matter how far apart they live from each other. If they do not have any social media accounts, set up a Facebook, Instagram or other social media accounts for them. Be sure to teach them how to login and how to use the different social media platforms.


  1. Encourage friends and family to stay in touch. Teach your elderly loved one how to use an iPad, iPhone and/or laptop for Facetime or video calls so they can talk to their friends and family members on a regular basis.


  1. Tell them to join a club that will interest them. If they enjoy reading books, then a joining a book club would be perfect. If they’re into gardening, help them find a gardening club in the neighborhood. Joining clubs that will interest them will keep them socially active plus it will help cultivate friendships that they will treasure.


  1. Suggest the right senior housing option. If they are not getting enough interaction regularly, then it may be time to bring up senior housing options in the neighborhood. Independent Living and Assisted Living communities encourage residents to stay independent for as long as possible by providing any daily support and care they need. One of the advantages of living in a Senior Care ommunity is they can participate in daily events and activities that will allow them to stay physically and socially active.


If you’re looking for a Socially Active Senior Community in your area, connect with one of our friendly and engaging Senior Care Experts today. We can provide you with Free and Personalized Senior Living options to help your aging loved ones maintain a healthy socially active lifestyle.  We look forward to helping you. Call  877-523-6523.


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