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What is it Exactly?

Wyoming Assisted Living facilities promote maximum independence and dignity for each resident and also encourage family and community involvement when possible. These care facilities range in services depending on the care needs, price, size, and amenities offered in the home. Read More

There are well over 35 Assisted Living Facilities in Wyoming with a variety of services and programs to chose from. The average cost of care in Wyoming is $3,300 per month (source: Genworth Financial). The cost of care will be influenced by a variety of factors including the senior’s care needs. 

Prior to selecting a care facility, the admissions staff will perform an assessment to determine the condition and care needs of your loved one. This care assessment will be a key factor in determining the monthly cost.

Other factors that influence the monthly care fees will be the size and location of the facility, private or shared room, private or shared bathroom, number of years the facility has been in business, staff experience, transportation to and from the doctor, and other amenities and services.

Provided Services

Residential care facilities, provide 24-hour care and supervision to seniors who need assistance, but do not require medical nursing care around the clock. Care Facilities can range in size from six beds or less to over one hundred beds and offer care to adults sixty-five years or older. 

Assisted living facilities in Wyoming provide seniors assistance with activities of daily living, medication management, social activities, housekeeping, meals, and transportation. Inspections by state officials, staff training, and certification requirement, family and community involvement, and ongoing quality assurance efforts work together to ensure quality care in these facilities. 

State Licensing and Regulation

Assisted living Facilities in Wyoming are regulated by the Department of Health, Office of Healthcare Licensing and Surveys. This department of the state government is in charge of licensing, inspecting and monitoring all activities that occur in the care facility. The Department of Health in Wyoming regulates the operation and provision of service in these care facility settings including acceptance and retention criteria, admission requirements, relocation process, staff training, criminal background checks, medication management, food service, dementia care, health-related services, hospice care, administrator qualifications, disaster planning, and resident rights.

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