Due to Covid-19, Senior Living Virtual Tours have been in high demand primarily due to the safety of Senior Living facility residents and its visitors. Since the virus, the world was forced into lockdown. Economies were shut down and most people stayed home. In an effort to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, social distancing and self-quarantining were implemented. Now that the economy has reopened with no available coronavirus vaccine, we still need to be extra careful. Following proper health and safety guidelines will be key in keeping everyone safe and healthy.

During the lockdown, everyone learned how to communicate virtually by using zoom, facetime, skype and other video platforms. Technology played a huge part in keeping everyone constantly connected with their loved ones.

Senior Living Virtual Tours were done instead of actual or in-person tours to protect the residents and staff members. Will this trend continue even after the coronavirus pandemic? We think so. Here’s why:


1. Safety

Senior Living Virtual Tours can be a safer option for seniors and families by avoiding close physical contact with other people. Instead of meeting in person with the community directors of different assisted living facilities, families will be able to narrow down the search and decide which assisted living meets their requirements. Many Senior Living Communities and small board and care homes are requiring new families to do this initially. This is for the safety of the new families as well as the current senior residents in the community or care home.


2. Convenience

Senior Living Virtual Tours allow seniors and their families to see the Assisted Living communities anytime and anywhere using a smartphone, laptop, or a computer. This is a very convenient way to see the property without having to drive to the community. This is also very beneficial to families who live out of state and to those who live very far away.


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3. Realistic and Engaging Experience

Senior Living Virtual Tours are engaging as it shows the actual photos and videos of the assisted living community. It also highlights all the amenities and services that are available, including specific measurements and layouts of the rooms. Thus, giving the families a good idea whether a particular community would be a right fit or not, before actually visiting the facility physically.


4. Saves Time

Doing a Senior Living Virtual Tour is definitely a time saver versus having to go to the community physically. No driving is required. Families are able to do the virtual tour anywhere and anytime. Doing an in-person visit / tour may require at least an hour of your time, especially for someone who has mobility issues. Most of the time, Senior Living Virtual Tours help families eliminate the communities that wouldn’t be a good fit. Thus, saving a lot of time!


If you are interested in Assisted Living and Memory Care options, please call 877-523-6523 to speak to one of our experienced Senior Care Experts. We can also provide you with details regarding virtual tours in the senior care communities in your area. To request for personalized Senior Care options in your area, click here. We look forward to helping you.



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