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Elegantly dressed retired couple living in a Senior Living Community


Did you know that the number of elderly couples moving into Senior Living Communities has been increasing over the past several years? 

One of the most common misconceptions today is that Senior Living Communities are ONLY for seniors who are sick and can’t take care of themselves. The truth is more and more elderly couples have been making the Senior Living transition together. They realize that living in a Senior Care Community is very convenient and can be very beneficial.


How can senior couples benefit from moving to a Senior Living Community?


  1. No household chores and maintenance to worry about.

Senior Living Communities provide housekeeping, laundry services and other chores so you can have more free time. This allows married couples to spend more time creating memories together rather than worrying about house chores.


  1. Helps you and your spouse stay active and social.

Senior Care Communities offer a wide range of programs and activities. This provides plenty of opportunities to socialize and meet new friends. Studies show that seniors who stay socially connected and engaged are happier and healthier.

With so many different activities in the community, you and your spouse will for sure find something interesting.


  1. Encourages Independence.

Senior Care Communities offer a wide variety of programs and activities that cater to the interests of their residents. The residents have the choice on which activities they would like to participate in, including music, sports, arts & crafts, and/or spiritual enrichment activities.

Senior couples who live in the same Senior Care Community can take advantage of the many opportunities for socialization. It gives them the opportunity to create new adventures and experiences together from gourmet dining to outdoor excursion. 


  1. Provides an opportunity for couples to age in place together

As a couple, you most likely prefer to share a room with your spouse so you can stay together for as long as possible. However, due to aging, our health condition changes. Usually, one spouse will need assistance while the other one does not. As the health of one spouse continues to decline, it may be harder for the other spouse to continue to be the primary caregiver. This is when living in a senior care community becomes beneficial for couples.

Caregivers are always available to assist and support the residents in anyway. Assistance with activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, and medication management are provided, whenever the residents need it.


  1. Moving as a couple can be less expensive

The monthly cost may be less expensive for couples who would like to move-in together and share the same room compared to moving to separate rooms or 2 different communities.

Usually, senior care communities only charge a small fee for the second person rather than charging them the full fee. But of course, the 2nd person fee varies per community. The average fee for the 2nd person is usually from $1,000 to $1,800 per month.


If you need help finding the right senior living option for you and your spouse, talk to one of our Senior Living Experts. Call 877-523-6523 for free personalized care options.