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No holiday inspires patriotism and good old-fashioned summer fun like the Fourth of July. The anticipation to celebrate America’s birthday does not end at childhood—seniors look forward to the Fourth of July as well, and not just to celebrate the country they love but also to get a bit nostalgic. Celebrating Independence Day with a senior can be fun, easy and safe for them.

Throw a Barbeque

Nothing screams Fourth of July like having a cookout! Throwing a barbeque can be a fun way to celebrate with a senior, but make sure to ask your loved one for their input in inviting their friends and family members so that they have the company they want.

Barbeques, of course, are known for the food, and since your guest of honor is a senior, healthy options should be the focal point of the celebration. Limit the salty foods typically associated with Independence Day celebrations with low sodium recipes. Replace red meats such as burgers and hot dogs with turkey burgers and chicken. Fruits are a healthy and refreshing July Fourth snack, too.

Safety should also be a top priority. Make sure to provide shade and plenty of water, as hydration is critical on long, hot summer days spent outside. If the day is too hot or your loved one cannot spend too many hours outdoors, you can have just as much fun planning an indoor Fourth of July party. Be sure to provide safe transportation to and from the barbeque if need be.

If you do not have the time or the space to throw an Independence Day BBQ, you will most likely get an invitation to someone else’s. Bring your loved one along and make sure they have a wonderful and safe time!

See Some Fireworks

If throwing a barbeque is the most typical American way of celebrating the Fourth of July, then watching a fireworks display comes in very close second—and the magic of the exploding lights and colors never gets old. Your local community or a neighboring community will probably present a firework display.

Make sure to show up early, bring a blanket, some chairs, plenty of water and enjoy the show. If sitting outside for an outdoor firework display is not feasible for your senior loved one, there are plenty of wonderful firework shows featured on television every year. Make a night of gathering around and watching one of them.

Watch a Movie

If you do need to stay inside with your loved one on the Fourth of July, it is the perfect day to watch a good film indoors. You could stick with the theme of the day and watch a patriotic film, and perhaps ask your senior loved one about their favorite themed movie. Most movies, even older movies, are easy to rent digitally. If you still are not sure about what movie to rent, check your television as many channels run wonderful movie marathons on Independence Day.

July Fourth is also a great day to see new first-run movies in the theater, as studios release their best films on or around that day. If possible, a trip to the theater to see the latest big film could be another great way to celebrate the Fourth.

Visit a Museum

Some museums may be closed on the holiday, but many stay open and even offer exhibitions geared towards Independence Day. The most appropriate museums to visit on the Fourth of July are museums of American history as well as war-focused museums. One of the best things about taking a senior to the museum is their discount policy—many museums offer discounts to seniors that you should take advantage of—and you can use the savings to go to lunch before or after your visit!

Plan a reunion

Since just about everyone has off for the Fourth of July, the holiday can be the ideal time to plan a reunion with someone you have not seen for a while. Be sure to take advantage of the holiday and help your senior loved one see those they care about most. This could involve planning a large-scale family reunion or just driving your senior loved one a state away to see their grandchildren.

The Fourth of July should be spent with family and loved ones. Ask your loved one who they would like to see for the holiday—perhaps they will want to celebrate with veterans they served with or former co-workers at an office Fourth of July party. Be sure to try to accommodate their transportation needs and accompany them every step of the way if need be.

Get a Helping Hand

If your senior loved one lives in a nursing home or an assisted living community, be sure to take advantage of the activities they may be planning for the Fourth of July. Check in with the community your senior loved one is living, in as they are sure to have something fun planned that is both safe and family-oriented. Your senior loved one may prefer to stay close to where they live and spend the holiday with friends they have made in their communities. Sharing this experience with them can take away the pressure of coordinating and allow your time to be spent enjoying their company.

The Fourth of July is a great time to reconnect with your senior loved one. It is important to stay safe, but also to relax and create new memories. Enjoying your Independence Day can go a long way towards your happiness and the happiness of the senior you care about most.