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Assisted living costs are getting more and more expensive. In fact, the average annual increase for assisted living is about 5%. Families should know that the monthly assisted living cost will basically depend on the senior’s care needs and the type of room they select.

Before you sign the Assisted Living move-in contract, be sure to ask about all the fees that the community charges, including the community or move-in fee. This will help you and your family budget for assisted living costs.


What is the Average Assisted Living Cost?

According to the most recent survey (2021) conducted by, the national average assisted living cost is $4,500 a month, which is $54,000 per year. Assisted living cost per month varies per location. In some states, the monthly assisted living cost is more than $6,500 per month, while some states it is closer to $3,500 per month.

Each senior has different care needs that’s why the monthly fees vary. The Assisted Living community nurse or administrator will need to do an assessment to determine what the exact care needs are so they can prepare a personalized care plan for the potential resident. Once the care assessment is done, they will do their calculation and provide the senior and their family a proposed monthly assisted living cost.  Keep in mind that the pricing structure is different for each assisted living facility. Usually, assisted living communities charge 2 monthly fees: base rent and the cost of care. However, some communities choose to do an all-inclusive monthly assisted living fee.


Here is the average Monthly Assisted Living Cost per state:



 Assisted Living Cost          per Month 


 Assisted Living Cost           per Month 

Alabama  $ 3,503.00 Montana  $ 4,450.00
Alaska  $ 6,830.00 Nebraska  $ 4,076.00
Arizona  $ 4,000.00 Nevada  $ 3,750.00
Arkansas  $ 3,760.00 New Hampshire  $ 6,053.00
California  $ 4,500.00 New Jersey  $ 6,495.00
Colorado  $ 4,750.00 New Mexico  $ 4,498.00
Connecticut  $ 5,129.00 New York  $ 5,750.00
Delaware  $ 5,995.00 North Carolina  $ 4,010.00
Florida  $ 4,000.00 North Dakota  $ 3,391.00
Georgia  $ 3,535.00 Ohio  $ 4,635.00
Hawaii  $ 5,375.00 Oklahoma  $ 3,855.00
Idaho  $ 3,838.00 Oregon  $ 5,045.00
Illinois  $ 4,488.00 Pennsylvania  $ 4,100.00
Indiana  $ 4,283.00 Rhode Island  $ 6,826.00
Iowa  $ 4,367.00 South Carolina  $ 3,612.00
Kansas  $ 4,580.00 South Dakota  $ 3,350.00
Kentucky  $ 3,448.00 Tennessee  $ 4,105.00
Louisiana  $ 3,748.00 Texas  $ 3,998.00
Maine  $ 5,865.00 Utah  $ 3,500.00
Maryland  $ 4,900.00 Vermont  $ 5,250.00
Massachusetts  $ 6,500.00 Virginia  $ 5,250.00
Michigan  $ 4,250.00 Washington  $ 6,000.00
Minnesota  $ 4,508.00 West Virginia  $ 4,160.00
Mississippi  $ 3,500.00 Wisconsin  $ 4,600.00
Missouri  $ 3,000.00 Wyoming  $ 4,169.00

Source: (2021 Survey)


Factors that Determine the Monthly Assisted Living Cost?

Assisted living communities have different pricing structures. Typically, they charge a base rent plus care. The cost of care will depend on the assessment of care needs. Some facilities offer a la carte services, so you’ll only pay for the services you’ll need, while others have set prices per level of care. However, there are few facilities that offer an all-inclusive rate by combining all the fees so they can charge you a fixed monthly rate.

Let’s discuss the different assisted living pricing structures to give you a better understanding on the monthly assisted living costs.


1. Monthly Base Rent plus Care (the most common)

Assisted living facilities charge a base rent which is based on the floor plan and the size of the room. Of course, the bigger the room is the more expensive the base rent is. The monthly assisted living base rent typically includes room and board with daily meals, snacks, utilities, amenities, activities, and housekeeping. An additional fee is charged for the cost of care, which is determined once the care assessment is done. The higher the level of care is, the higher the assisted living cost will be.

When it comes to the cost of care, some facilities offer a la carte services while some will base it on the level of care. Usually, facilities have up to 6 levels of care – 1st level will be minimal care while the 6th would have the highest level of care. Fees increase as the level of care increases.

The additional cost of care fees may include following services:

      • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living, which includes eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring and medication assistance.
      • Incontinence care and diapers
      • Night care
      • Transportation services
      • Laundry services


2. All-inclusive Monthly Rate

The all-inclusive monthly rate will include rent, cost of care, food and snacks, utilities, activities and all the amenities. This will be ideal for families who need to plan and budget for long-term care as the monthly assisted living cost won’t be affected by the change in health condition and care needs of the senior.


Assisted Living Hidden Fees Families Should Know

Before you decide on which assisted living to select, ask about all the extra fees that are not included in monthly assisted living cost.  Additional fees can significantly increase the total monthly assisted living bill. Be sure to read the Assisted Living contract carefully before you sign it. Check all the fees and make sure the costs for all the services are all clearly indicated in the Assisted Living Contract.


Here are the essential questions to ask to help determine the actual monthly assisted living cost:

  • Is there a community fee or move in fee? If so, is it a one-time payment or can you spread out the payments?
  • Aside from the base rent, does the assisted living charge extra for care or is the monthly rate all inclusive?
  • Is there an annual increase? If so, what is the rate?
  • If the senior’s condition and care needs change, will they inform you before they increase the cost of care? What is the policy for this?
  • Are there any move-in specials or incentives?
  • Does the assisted living charge any additional fees? If so, ask for a list of additional services that will require extra fees.


Here are some of the hidden fees you may incur when moving to an assisted living facility:

  1. Moving fees

If your elderly loved one is planning to bring furniture and lots of things, you might need to hire a moving company. Moving companies can help with sorting, packing, moving, and unpacking everything. Be sure to take the this into consideration when budgeting for the move. This will not be part of the monthly assisted living cost, but it is something you’ll have to pay before the move.

  1. Utilities

The monthly assisted living cost usually includes utilities like internet, cable and telephone. However, some facilities may charge extra fees for these. Be sure to verify with the community so there will be no surprises.

  1. Transportation Services

Assisted Living communities typically offer transportation services to and from medical appointments and for recreational trips. Some communities provide this as a complimentary service while others charge an additional fee. Contact the assisted living facility to verify if transportation service is included in the monthly assisted living cost.

  1. Laundry and Housekeeping Services

Most of the Assisted Living communities include housekeeping services in their monthly assisted living cost and will charge extra for laundry. Make sure to ask about housekeeping and laundry fees so you can include this in your monthly assisted living budget.


If you need free and personalized Assisted Living options, call us, one of our Expert Senior Care Advisors can provide you with a list of options based on your loved one’s care needs, preferred location and family’s budget. Call us at 877-523-6523 so we can help you make the Best-Informed Assisted Living Decision for your family.


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