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Downsizing one’s home can be very demanding physically, mentally and emotionally. This is the case especially for seniors as it involves a lot of planning, packing and letting go of emotional ties to the home.


In This Senior Downsizing Article:
Reasons Why Seniors Downsize
Downsizing Tips for Seniors


Why Do Seniors Downsize?

There are several reasons why seniors downsize. Most seniors want to move to a smaller home because they feel that their house is too big. When their kids move out and it becomes an empty nest, it becomes tougher and tougher to maintain a big house as they age. While some sell their house to move to a retirement community or other senior care facilities, there are other seniors that prefer to move to a smaller house or apartment that’s why seniors downsize.

The decision to downsize is not an easy one. Moving to a new place is always hard to deal with especially with all the memories shared in the home over the years. However, the most challenging aspect when seniors downsize is still packing, as most seniors would agree. It will be very tough to decide on which things to bring and which things to throw away, leave or sell. One has to accept that the new home will be smaller, therefore, it is impossible to bring all the things that have been accumulate over the years.


Senior Downsizing Tips To Make Downsizing For Seniors Less Stressful and Easier:

1. Check The Layout of The New Place

To help seniors downsize, it will be good to find out the layout for the new place in advance so you know how much space the senior will have. This will help you and your senior loved one decide on what will fit and things you can bring.

2. Sort Wisely

When a senior decides to downsize, help the senior avoid clutter. Be sure to help your senior loved one sort out his or her belongings. Separate the things  that the senior uses and things that your senior loved one barely uses or does not need at all.

3. One Room at A Time

When packing, start with rooms that the senior uses the least, as it will have less emotional attachments like attic, garage, bathroom, etc.

4. Keep A List

Dowsizing can be very overwhelming as there are tons of things to do. In order to stay organize it is important to keep a list so you do not forget anything.

5. Determine the things to:

    • Keep
    • Give to family and friends
    • Sell/Donate or
    • Throw

6. Organize A Family Get Together

When a senior decides to downsize, it will be nice to organize a family get-together so the senior can distribute his or her things among family members. Remind your senior loved one to share his or her memories before giving out the item so your friend or family member would know and understand its importance. This will make family and friends appreciate the senior’s generosity even more.

7. Take pictures

It’s a good idea to take pictures of important things the senior will leave behind. This might make the “letting go” process much easier for seniors.

8. Where is The New Place?

If you will be moving to an assisted living facility, cooking utensils and dinner plates will no longer be needed. Donating it to social services or other charitable organizations will be a good idea.

9. Is A Senior Mover Necessary?

If you’re helping a senior loved one downsize, you will be able to help decide whether or not a senior mover is needed. Seniors who downsize usually hire senior movers if they want to bring their furniture and other heavy things to te new place. Senior moving companies specialize in senior moving needs. They will help make the downsizing and the transition easier as most of these senior moving companies help in organizing and sorting the possessions of the senior. Check the Internet or Yellow Pages for listings of Senior Movers.

10. Relax.

Everything is done! You can now relax with your senior love one. Assure your elderly loved one that he or she made the right choice to downsize.



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