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tips to lower prescription costPrescription drugs can be very expensive, even if you use your health insurance. Due to the increasing cost of prescription drugs, more and more seniors are having difficulties coping with their medication costs. Want to know how you can significantly lower the cost of your prescription drugs?

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For a new prescription, you can lower your costs by not buying a whole bottle right away. You can ask for just a few pills just to see if you will not have any side effects or allergies from the medication. If you buy a whole bottle, it will be a waste if you will have to switch after discovering the side effects or allergies. However, if you buy just a few pills, you won’t be stuck with a costly bottle of medicine you can’t take.

For ongoing conditions, buy medications in the largest quantities you can. You can also call around for the lowest price. Usually, pharmacy prices can vary greatly so if you find a drug cheaper elsewhere, ask your regular pharmacist if he or she can match the price.

How to make your prescription dollars go further:

  • Ask for a senior citizen discount when buying prescription drugs.
  • Ask for a generic equivalent. These non-brand substitutes are tested to be sure they are chemically identical to the original and they deliver the same amount of the drug to the body in the same amount of time.
  • Get drug samples free. Pharmaceutical companies often give samples of drugs to physicians.
  • Buy store-brand or discount brand over-the-counter products. Ask the pharmacist for recommendations.
  • Find out about drug discount or assistance programs. Check out the list on the AARP Web site or ask your local chapter of national disease-related organizations (American Diabetes Association, etc.). Financial assistance may also be provided through the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services if you qualify.
  • Try mail order from a reputable pharmacy. Mail-order pharmacies can provide bulk medications at discount prices. Use this service only for long-term drug therapy because it takes a few weeks for delivery. Buying drugs online is another option that can save money. The Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) Web site will help you find a reputable site.

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