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After the Peak of the Pandemic

Dr. Jacqueline DuPont, PhD (Gerontologist and Aging Expert) shares what you can do to keep your Elderly Loved One Protected After the Peak.


What is the New Normal in Senior Care?

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there is a little bit of fear. We just have to be more cautious and be more mindful of the things we do on a daily basis. We know that good infection control and policies always work to keep everyone safe. 
Here are the safety guidelines we need to observe at all times:
  1. Proper hand washing for 20 seconds or more should be part of our daily routine. It is important that you lather your hands with soap by rubbing them together and making sure that you get the soap off. 
  2. Hand sanitizing regularly, especially before and after meals (if soap and water is not available).
  3. Spraying or disinfecting door knobs all throughout the house.
  4. Wearing a mask. When providing masks to the elderly, be sure to show them the mask and explain what it is for. Show them how to wear it properly and be sure that they understand the imporance of wearing a mask. Explaining to the older adults is critical and be sure that they understand that the mask will help in keeping us them and everyone else safe. When you talk to them, it is important that you articulate harder and slower so they can understand you more.  
  5. Wearing gloves more often. It is also important that we dispose the gloves properly after a single use to avoid the spread of the virus. 
  6. Using air purifiers
  7. No more embraces and shaking hands for the protection of everyone, especially the older adults. 
  8. Using technology more for constant communication. Let’s use technology more for the benefit of the older adults like providing them with iPads, iPhones, computers and other gadgets that can be used for video calls or video conference. This way, the elders will    avoid the feeling of being socially isolated. 
This will be the “New Normal.” If there is one positive out come from this pandemic, it is better infection control policies and procedures. We are now more aware and vigilant when it comes to cleanliness and safety. Thus, making everyone feel safer. 


Here’s What You Can Do


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Follow this guide to help you and others stay protected. Please share with family, friends and loved ones. 


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