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The “Next Level” Medical Alert SystemElectronic Caregiver Premier Review

FACT: The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) states that a person 65+ that experiences a fall is not found or attended to for an average of 18 hours. An individual can be lying helpless on the floor unconscious or bleeding (God forbid) and it could take hours before they are found. Yes…even if someone else is home with them.

You’ve probably heard the ad “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” That was over 25 years ago and medical alert and fall detection systems have significantly evolved since then. Introducing the “Electronic Caregiver Premier.”

In 2017, Electronic Caregiver launched the “Premier Series” which is a stylish pendent that keeps you connected to family, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Boar Certified Doctors.  

The Electronic Caregiver Premier is the new standard in the Medical Alert Systems aimed at keeping your loved one safe and independent in the comfort of their home. 


  • State-of-the-art Emergency Response Center
  • Licensed EMTs on every call
  • Stylish Wrist Pendant
  • GPS Locator Tracking (when activated)
  • Med Reminders
  • Activity Detection
  • Auto Fall Detection (optional)
  • NO Equipment Fees
  • NO Cancellation Fees
  • NO Long Term Contracts
  • …and more


In this Electronic Caregiver Premier Article

Who Uses It
How Does It Work
What’s Included
Packages & Pricing Frequently Asked Questions
Where to Buy


Who Uses The Electronic Caregiver Premier?

WHO: These devices are typically used by individuals 65+ and over, persons who are at a fall risk, have disabilities or even college students away from home that want to stay protected. 

WHY: The myth is that if you live with someone at home, you do not need a medical alert device. However, individuals that live with someone still want peace of mind that they will be immediately attended to in an emergency situation. Even if you live at home with a family member, friend, caregiver, etc., there can be many instances when they do not hear you because they are in another room, outside, or can even be asleep.

Another scenario is when you are in the shower, outside in the garden or just around the house. In many instances, you don’t have your cell phone on you at all times and may not be able to reach emergency services to come and help.

To have a medical alert device can be the difference between life or even a fatality.


How does the Electronic Caregiver Premier Work?

Users wear a watch-style or necklace pendant that is remotely connected to a main communication device. Once the user pushes the emergency button on the pendant, the user connects to certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) at the Emergency Response Center (ERC). The EMTs will then assess the situation and determine if first responders need to be sent to the user’s location. Depending on the user’s preference and initial device setup, EMTs can first be instructed to contact individuals (family, friends, neighbors, etc.) on the user’s emergency contact list.


Electronic Caregiver Premier Features

1) Certified EMTs & Emergency Response Center:

Licensed EMTs are on standby 365 days, 24/7 in a state of the art, Emergency Response Center, located in the United States. When you press your emergency button, forget to check in for your meds or activity reminders or your automatic fall detection pendant is triggered, EMTs will respond immediately. 

2) GPS Location:

If you are unable to give your location to EMTs and first responders, Electronic Caregiver has you covered. The Electronic Caregiver Premier device sends a signal to the Emergency Response Center so they know where you are in case of an emergency. If you have a fall and are dazed or unconscious, you won’t have to worry about giving your exact location.

3) Pocket MD:

With a push of a button, get access 24/7 board certified doctors for consultation and even prescriptions. No more waiting in urgent care for hours to see a doctor and paying for a co-pay. Get the consultation you need in the comfort of your own home for non-emergency needs.

4) Meds / Activity Reminders:

It’s like having a personal assistant to help you with your medication and activity reminders for the day. If you forget to check in and respond, EMTs will contact you to ensure that you are ok. 

5) Auto Fall Detection1:

If you are a fall risk or just want to stay protected, an optional Auto Fall Detection pendant is available. This device is worn around the neck and is triggered based on impact and shock sensors within the device. If you should experience a fall, the device will send a signal to the main unit device and contact EMTs at the Emergency Response Center.*

*Electronic Caregiver Premier does not detect 100% of falls

6) Family Caregiver App “Care4Mom”:

If you have family members that have an iOS or Android device, they can download a free app that will allow them to :

1) Send a customized message to your Electronic Caregiver Premier Device

2) Send an alert via the mobile app to everyone on your emergency call list should you experience a fall.


What’s Included with the Electronic Caregiver Premier

-Main Unit Device

-Charging base

-Watch Style Pendant

-Auto Fall Pendant (Optional)

-Charging Cable

-Carrying Case



Pictures of the Electronic Caregiver Premier


Premier with Main Unit and Pendant



Wrist Pendant: < 1 ounce

Main Unit Device: 2 ounces

Auto Fall Pendant: 1 ounce


Main: 48 hours

Pendant: 2 years and send new one

Pendant Colors: 

Grey Black

Sky Blue

Rose Pink


Plum (coming soon)

Battery Life:

Main: 48 hours

Pendant: 2 years 

*New battery will be replaced and sent at no charge when detected


ATT wireless

Device Range:

Distance between Pendant and Main Unit

Approximately 100 Yards (football field)

Water resistant:

Pendant: Yes – Splash Proof, Not Submersible

Main Device: No


Packages & Pricing – ON SALE UNTIL NOV. 30 


Premier 1 $59.99 > $39.99

Everything included in Premier 3 and Premier 2 plus…

  • Pocket MD (Doctor Connect)
  • Choice of Color Pendant


Premier 2 $49.99 (Sale)

Everything included in Premier 3 plus…

  • Black Leather Pouch
  • Familiar Places
  • Caregiver Connectivity App


Premier 3 $39.99 (Sale)

  • Medication Reminders
  • Activity Detection
  • Standard Grey Pendant
  • Cellular Service
  • GPS Location



$25 one-time

Auto Fall Detection Pendant (optional):

$25 one-time

Cancellation Fees:


Long Term Contract:



Electronic Caregiver has different promos and flash sales throughout the year. Please always reference code LSM 53909 when inquiring or purchasing to ensure you get the lowest pricing available.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

For FAQs or other questions, please go Here


Where to Buy

SeniorCareHomes.Com is an authorized dealer of the Electronic Caregiver. For promos to ensure the best pricing, you can order here and use the code: LSM 53909