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A Guide to BETTER Aging and Fitness for Men and Women
by Sheldon S. Zinberg, M.D.

Aging and Fitness Book by Dr. ZinbergDr. Sheldon S. Zinberg wrote this book called “Win In the Second Half” (Saddleback Publishing, Inc.). This book is about better aging and fitness and will acquaint you with the many splendors that loom on your aging horizon; and even more importantly, it will help you deal with some of the problems that are hitched to the same wagon.

Every one of us will get old or die young. However, when accurately counted, we find that neither the term "old" nor "age" is a four-letter word. New discoveries have made for a much greater understanding of the so-called aging process. Our better appreciation of this process makes the information in this book of enormous importance, both to you as an individual and to our society in general.

As an author and speaker on numerous medical subjects, Dr. Zinberg developed a reputation for his ability to combine his humor and with with a formidable fund of scientific knowledge. Win in the Second Half is a sterling example of this amalgam. Before writing this book, Dr. Zinberg practiced Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology for thirty-five years. Although engaged in a busy medical practice, he served as a Clinical Professor of Medicine at two leading universities: The University of California Irvine, College of Medicine and The Western University of Health Sciences (Pomona, CA). In 1993, Dr. Zinberg founded the CareMore Medical Group in Downey, CA: and shortly thereafter, he designed and implemented the CareMore Wish for Fitness Program for Mature Adults, giving many a new zest for life.