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Senior looking for a senior job after retirementWith the current economic condition and increasing unemployment rates in the U.S, a growing number of seniors are either seeking employment after retirement or trying to remain in the workplace for financial stability. Probably because, they have miscalculated the amount they need during retirement or they just can't afford to retire.

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Some seniors may want to go back to work, simply because they are bored, they miss the interaction with people in the workforce or they just love to work! However, for seniors and older adults aged 55 years and over, finding a job can be very challenging.

Whether you're looking for a part-time job or a full-time employment opportunity, here are some tips to help increase your chances of getting a good retirement job:

Review and Update your Resume
Take Advantage of the Internet.
Consider Temporary and Part Time Jobs.
Be flexible.
Increase Your Knowledge. Update Skills.
Know Your Rights as A Senior Employee
Start Your Own Business

1. Review and Update Your Resume.

If you are a senior looking to go back to the workplace, do not to use your old resume. It is important that you update your resume and include new skills, achievements and expertise to make your resume stand out. You might also want to remove some information regarding skills or experiences that are not relevant to the job you are applying for. In this type of job market, seniors need to be ver competitive in order to get a retirement job.

2. Take Advantage of the Internet.

Seniors should use the Internet to browse and find jobs that are suited for older adults. There are a lot of websites like where you can find and compare job listings in your area or the area were you want to relocate. You upload your resume for free and they will match you with different companies that match your qualifications.

3. Consider Temporary and Part Time Jobs.

Let’s face it, with the current economic condition and unemployment rate in the country, it is very difficult to find a permanent job, especially for seniors. If you want to get a job, it would be wise to consider temporary or part time jobs as there are more available part-time jobs compared to full-time jobs.

4. Be flexible.

Being flexible includes applying to different positions and being able to work flex hours. Even if you do not have any prior experience in some of the jobs that are available, you should try to apply anyway for as long as you know you can do the job. Getting your name out there may increase your chance of getting a retirement job. Also, if you are available to work flex hours, be sure to let the potential employer know. The more flexible you are, the higher your chances are in finding a job compared to someone who is not willing to adjust or take on certain job responsibilities.

5. Increase Your Knowledge. Update Skills.

In order to stay competitive in the workplace seniors need to be computer savvy and should be willing to update their skills, whenever necessary. Computer skills are very important. If you are not that tech-savvy, consider taking up computer classes at a community college to keep yourself updated on how to use the Internet, eMail and the most current computer programs, like Microsoft Office, which includes, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. You can also contact your local Senior Center as most of the Senior Centers across the U.S offer free computer classes for seniors.

Most of the employers now, require applicants to have basic computer skills. Remember, a tech-savvy senior will have a better chance of landing the job they want compared to other applicants who do not have computer or technical skills.

6. Network.

If you are looking for a job, ask your family, friends and neighbors if they know someone who is currently hiring. If they do, tell them to refer and put in a good word for you. Most of the time referrals from family and friends can increase your chances of getting a job. If your family, friends and neighbors do not know anyone who is currently looking for employees, don’t be discouraged, continue to network and be patient.

7. Know Your Rights

The U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission supervises The Age Discrimination Employment Act of 1967, which prohibits discrimination in employment. This law protects employees and job seekers who are age 40 years and older. It also prohibits employers from refusing to hire, discharge or discriminate against individuals because of age.

8. Be Your Own Boss

If you have a hobby like making arts and crafts or if you love to bake goodies, why not start your own business and make money? You can make money while doing what you love to do! You can start by showing and selling your products to friends, family and neighbors.

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