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picture of a homemade chocolate chip cookie as a christmas presentChristmas is the season of gift-giving and spending time with your loved ones. During this most-celebrated season, we give gifts to people we love to show them how much we love and appreciate them. 

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot for a nice gift. Why not put your creativity to test? You can make something or bake goodies for your loved ones. Most of the time people close to you will appreciate your gift more because of the time and effort you have put into it. Homemade Christmas gifts are wonderful as it adds a personal touch to your gift, making it a priceless possession.




Here are 8 creative homemade holiday gift ideas to consider:


1. Baked goodies.

Yummy treats are always a hit with young and old alike. You can bake cookies, brownies or cakes in your own kitchen. You can be very creative when decorating these treats. Wrapping or packaging your baked goodies nicely will definitely impress your loved ones.


2. Memory books, scrapbook or photo collages.

We all know that memories are very precious. Your loved ones, especially your elderly relatives and friends would love this gift. Be sure to put the most memorable pictures, decorate and write special messages each page.


3. Homemade candles.

Decorate the candles by painting it and adding ribbons, beads, jewels, glitters, silk flowers, etc.


4. Personalized cards.

Decorate the card nicely and be sure to add a personalized message to make it even more special.


5. Gifts from your garden.

If you love to cook most likely you will have different herbs in your own garden. A homemade seasoning blend will be a perfect gift for your relative and friends who love to cook. You can package the herbs individually by putting them in lovely jars and decorating the jars with ribbons, jewels and flowers.


6. Personalized calendar.

Make your own calendar and personalize it by adding pictures and messages for your loved ones.


7. Art piece.

Let your children paint or draw something and put it in a frame. This will be a perfect gift for grandparents. They will surely love it!


8. Knits.

If you love to knit, why not knit something special for your loved ones. You can knit a scarf, beanie, mittens, etc.


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