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Senior Home Care, image of a person interviewing a caregiver to care for an aging relativeLooking for a reliable, trustworhty and experienced caregiver for you or your aging loved one? Hiring a caregiver for the elderly requires time and thorough research to make sure that you'll be able to find the right caregiver. But how can you find the perfect caregiver?

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Where to Find A Caregiver
Before Hiring A Caregiver
Reporting Caregiver Fraud or Criminal Behavior

You can find a home care provider by contacting Home Care Agencies, however, these agencies will typically be the most expensive way of finding a caregiver. Though expensive, you'll enjoy the convenience of not having to worry about background check, payroll, managing the caregiver, and the coverage for sick or absent caregiver as the agency usually takes care of this and sends a replacement. Another way is to find independent providers since it will be the least expensive way. You can do this by asking family and friends for referrals or you can do a search online.

Before hiring a caregiver:

  1. Inform your aging parent or the potential recipient about the schedule so he or she can participate in the screening process.
  2. Be as detailed as possible when it comes to explaining the tasks and the things you expect the caregiver to take on.
  3. Talk about salary. It is important to discuss and agree on the salary you will be paying the caregiver. Decide wheter to pay the caregiver daily, weekly or monthly. Do not pay the caregiver in advance for your protection.
  4. Request for references and be sure to check them carefully. You will want to ask the references about trustworthiness, reliablility and work habits. It is important to know whether the caregiver is able to manage thee stress involved with caregiving duties or not.
  5. Do a background check. You can look for individuals or companies that do this by doing a search on the internet or you can contact your local police department for any referrals. Remember, it's always better to be safe than sorry.
  6. Read the entire contract carefully and ask if you have any questions. It may also be helpful to consult with someone you trust before signing on the dotted line.


Once you find the right caregiver, be sure to monitor him or her closely during the first few days. Should any issues or concerns arise, it is important to talk to the caregiver as soon as you can in order to resolve it. However, if you are unable to solve the problem, you might need to find a new caregiver or contact the provider's agency, if you have hired the caregiver through an agency.

If in case you suspect any fraud or criminal behavior be sure to:

  • Contact your local Police Departmenteport
  • Report it to the Department of Health
  • File a complain through the Better Business Bureau

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