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Healthy senior couple having a healthy meal for successful dietIt is neuropsychological proven that a diet can become a lifestyle when one understands the rationale behind it. The excitement of the moment may keep one’s interest for one to two weeks. We provide this diet so you may eat, play, and live a fulfilling life.

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The Guidelines To Successful Dieting To Prevent Alzheimer’s

1. Keep a food journal.

Initially, write down everything you eat for at least three days, this will help with self-awareness. Any diet, to become a habit, takes 28 days.

2. Plan on 5 meals a day.

Plan on having breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks one between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. Keep foods not vitamins as the primary sources of nutrients.

3. Take your time.

Take time to eat your meals. Do it with friends or family, make it an occasion and do not stand while eating!

4. Use the Food Pyramid as guide.

The new food pyramid taken from the Harvard study is 30% carbs, 30% protein, 40% fats. Try to keep this proportion as it is vital to maintaining ones hormonal balance of insulin and glucagons essential for the Anti-Alzheimer Diet.

5. Healthy food portions.

Fill your plate ½ with vegetables, ¼ whole grains, and ¼ protein (your serving of meat or fish should be no larger than the size of your palm or a deck of cards).

6. Limit intake of salt and sugar.

Reduce intake of saturated fats, butter, fatty meats, trans fat found in frying oils and margarine, and foods high in cholesterol including egg yolks and red meats.

7. Decrease carbohydrate intake.

If you are trying to lose weight you will want to decrease your carbohydrate intake and make sure to consume complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains and brown rice, instead of simple carbohydrates such as white rice, pasta, and white bread.

8. Eat one serving of dairy a day.

Don’t forget to include at least one serving of dairy but of the low-fat or nonfat variety such as cottage cheese and ricotta.

9. Snack on fruits.

Snack on fruits including berries, the darker the better and apples and vegetables such as broccoli which is higher in vitamin C than oranges.

10. Get moving!

Walk somewhere, anywhere, 10,000 steps per day can burn 500 calories, or 3,500 calories a week which is equal to one pound!

11. Keep your mind active.

Do a puzzle, read a new book, sign up for a class, talk with friends or family, keep your mind going by engaging it actively at least 8 hrs per day. Watching TV is not actively engaging the brain!

12. De-stress daily.

Take a moment to de-stress everyday, meditate, drink tea, sit in a bath, go to the gym, take Kava Kava or other supplements.

13. Get a good night’s sleep!

Eight hours is advised. Avoid exercise, news, or other stimulating activities as computer games two hours prior to sleep. Do not eat three hours before sleeping to reduce one’s destructive cortisol levels.

About the Author: Dr. Vincent Fortanasce is a renowned bio-ethicist, author, and radio show host with twenty years experience dealing with medical issues on a national and international level. His rehabilitation center was ranked in the top 10 on the West Coast in 2003, and Dr. Fortanasce was selected as in the top 100 physicians in Los Angeles County and Best Physicians in the USA in 1998. Over the past decade, he has treated such notables as the Dali Lama and Pope John Paul II.

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