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Senior man taking care of his senior wife with Alzheimer's DiseaseThe prevention of Alzheimer's disease is extremely important because we cannot regain memories. Memories are forever erased from our brains once Alzheimer's disease takes hold in the brain. Currently, there is no cure for Alzheimer's Disease so you need to prepare now for your future, especially if you are at risk for Alzheimer's Disease.

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In This Alzheimer's Prevention Article:

8 Lifestyle Changes To Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
How To Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Here are 8 Lifestyle Changes you can make to prevent Alzheimer's Disease.

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

A population-based cohort study of 1,836 older Japanese-Americans found that consumption of fruit and vegetable juices was associated with decreased incident of Alzheimer's over seven to nine years of follow-up.

2. Eat berries each day.

These berries contain high levels of biologically active components, including a class of compounds called anthocyanosides, which fight memory impairment associated with free radicals and beta-amyloid plaques in the brain.

3. Eat fish high in omega-3 fatty acids.

In the Framingham study, individuals with the top quartile levels of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) found in fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, and tuna, measured at baseline had lower rates of Alzheimer's over nine years of follow-up.

4. Take folic acid supplementation or eat foods high in folate.

High levels of homocysteine may be associated with poor cognitive function. Some findings indicate that reducing homocysteine with folic acid may increase cognitive function.

5. Drink a glass of red wine with your evening meal.

Components in grape skins protect brain cells from the toxic effect of oxidative stress and beta-amyloid.

6. Follow a Mediterranean style diet.

Two studies that used dietary questionnaires to assess and quantify adherence to the diet in different populations found that patients who were most adherent to the Mediterranean style diet had a lower incidence of Alzheimer's, compared with those who did not follow this diet.

7. Control your blood pressure.

Hypertension appears to be associated with an increased risk of both vascular dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

8. Have strong social support.

Findings indicate that an active social life and strong network of friends may help prevent Alzheimer's in later life.

In addition to the lifestyle changes mentioned above, it will be clever to also follow this FIVE method advice that will help prevent Alzheimer's Disease: 

F – Have a strong social and spiritual network that includes Family, Friends, and Faith.

A recent study by AARP notes 94 percent of baby boomers believe there is a God yet statistics show only 33 percent actively practice this belief in a faith community; 30 percent have no nearby family or close friends.

I – Insurance- Consider Elder Care or Long Term Care Insurance

Take care of your future financial needs with elder care Insurance.

V – Vest in a retirement community that has step-down care.

Baby boomers are searching for retirement homes in remote areas in the mountains, valleys, and the far west, even in foreign countries. Many of these foreign countries do not have the money or the inclination to treat people over age 60 especially if they're foreigners.

E – Evaluate who will be on your health care team if and when you do have Alzheimer's disease.


Prepare a team including a physician in geriatric care young enough to be around where you will need this healthcare expert. Have a hospital with a good reputation that is within 30 minutes of where you live. Be certain that there is a rehabilitation unit that takes your insurance so you are not relegated to a nursing home.


Though science has made significant gains in the struggle with Alzheimer's, there's still no sure-cure for this disease. However, medical studies have clearly indicated that there is hope through prevention. We must all remember that the greatest resource that God has given us is our body, mind, and soul.

Through the 4 step D.E.A.R. program I explain how to maximize brain health and, more importantly, how to maintain your motivation through balancing your hormonal symphony, putting you in concert with the natural means at your disposal to mitigate the aging process and mental deterioration. Longevity with continued independence is completely possible today. All it takes is a decision to act right now. A cure for Alzheimer's disease may come tomorrow or next year. However, prevention must start today.



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About the Author: Dr. Vincent Fortanasce is a renowned bio-ethicist, author, and radio show host with twenty years experience dealing with medical issues on a national and international level. His rehabilitation center was ranked in the top 10 on the West Coast in 2003, and Dr. Fortanasce was selected as in the top 100 physicians in Los Angeles County and Best Physicians in the USA in 1998. Over the past decade, he has treated such notables as the Dali Lama and Pope John Paul II.

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