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Mission Viejo Assisted Living

There are 156 Assisted Living Facilities in Mission Viejo, CA.

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    Good Samaritan Guest Home III

    Good Samaritan Guest Home III is an assisted living facility that provides personalized care and supportive services to seniors in the city of Mission Viejo.  Good Samaritan Guest Home III offer...

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    Pacific Sun Home Care

    Pacific Sun Home Care is a six-bed assisted living and residential care facility for the elderly located in a welcoming and friendly neighborhood of Mission Viejo.  Pacific Sun Home Care prov...

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    Irvine Cottage X

    Irvine Cottage X, located in Mission Viejo, provides a caring assisted living approach that starts from the heart. We are dedicated to serve and care for each resident as a family member. That means ...

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    Pacific Shores

    Villa Victoria in Mission Viejo is a beautiful, fully-furnished facility that provides residential care to the elderly in a quiet and safe neighborhood. Quality care is their top priority and their s...

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    Vintage at Mission Viejo

    Vintage at Mission Viejo is a wonderful assisted living facility that provides individualized care and support services to seniors in a friendly and flexible environment.  Seasons at Mission ...

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    Del Sol RCFE II

    Del Sol RCFE II is an assisted living facility located in Mission Viejo that is dedicated to providing the best senior care to all residents.  Del Sol RCFE II's goal and objective is to continua...

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    Del Sol RCFE IV

    Del Sol RCFE IV is an assisted living facility located in Mission Viejo whose goal and objective is to continually maintain a high level of qualified efficiency and performance with a loving concern ...

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    Grandview Manor

    Grandview Manor is a wonderful assisted living facility that provides personalized care to seniors in Mission Viejo while also offering all the comforts of home.  Grandview Manor provides superv...

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    Golden Coast Senior Living - Zandra # 9

    Golden Coast Senior Living Zandra #9 is an assisted living facility conveniently located minutes from the 5 freeway. Large home with a pool and Jacuzzi and newly designed garden for viewing under a c...

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    Paradise Home & Garden

    Paradise Home & Garden is a beautiful residential care and assisted living facility for the elderly that strives to preserve the dignity, individuality, independence, and well being of all senior...

Our City Rating for Seniors = 5 Stars




Introduction to Mission Viejo, CA

Mission Viejo is an amazing city and is on our list of “The Top 10 Best Assisted Living Cities for Seniors.” The History, Weather, Activities, Senior Community, Temperature, Safety and plenty of Care Options all make it one of the most desirable places for any Senior to live. This quiet city is surrounded by some of the best beaches, parks, shopping, dining and hospitals.

Mission Viejo is located in beautiful South Orange County, California just located south of Irvine and Lake Forest. This city is home to over 150 assisted living facilities for seniors 65 and above. These facilities are great for seniors who want to live independently but need assistance with activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, toileting, grooming and other minor household chores.  


Local Safety

With safety always a concern when it comes to your loved one, Mission Viejo is one of the safest cities across America. Compared to the rest of the U.S., Mission Viejo is rated 81.2% safer than all cities making it a very desirable place for any Senior to live (source: Area Vibes).


City Weather

Already being in one of the states in the U.S. with the best weather year round, Mission Viejo is one of the best areas for weather in California. Temperatures average a cool 68.8 degrees in the winter (45 degrees at night) and a nice 78 degrees in the summer (59.6 degrees at night). You can’t ask for better weather (source: weather.com).


Types of Senior Living

Assisted Living Communities or Board and Care Homes are non-medical facilities for seniors who do not require 24 hours medical supervision as these facilities do not have nurses and doctors on staff. However, these assisted living facilities have caregivers on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and medical staff members on call to ensure that all residents receive the best care that they deserve.

Large communities such as Sunrise, Emeritus, Vintage and Atria Senior Living are known for daily activities, frequent socialization and have locations that provide secure memory wings for Alzheimer’s residents that wander. 

If your loved one prefers a “home-like” setting, small, residential board and care homes might be a better fit. These assisted living facilities typically have 1:3 “caregiver to resident ratio” and also provide meals, activities, music and pet therapy and assist residents with transportation to and from the doctor.

With over 150 Assisted Living Facilities in Mission Viejo, you should not have a problem finding great care for your loved one.

Local Assisted Living Costs

Whether your budget is restricted or if you want high-end senior care, the assisted living facilities in Mission Viejo can definitely meet your loved one’s needs. On average, the cost of Assisted Living care in the city can average around $3,535 per month. However, care can start as low as $1,100 per month and go as high as $6,620 per month (source: Genworth 2013). 


Cost Factors

The monthly cost of care will vary depending on the senior’s needs and an assessment done by the facility’s admissions staff. Other factors that determine the cost are location of the facility, staff experience, private or shared room, if the facility is new or has been renovated, amenities and included services.


Paying for Assisted Living

Assisted Living is typically paid for out of pocket by the resident or their family members. Unfortunately, Medicare or Medicaid does not cover the care. However, families also use their Long Term Care Insurance or get help from Veteran’s Aid and Attendance programs. If assisted living still seems a little out of reach for you and your loved one, you can also get in touch with the Department of Social Services. This government agency helps those with restricted budgets and low-income housing resources.


Nearby Hospitals

From check-ups to emergency care, Mission Viejo has some of the top hospitals in the country to meet the needs of your loved one. The hospitals in and surrounding Mission Viejo include Mission Hospital (St. Joseph Health), Saddleback Memorial Hospital, Aliso Viejo Family Medicine, Kaiser Permanente and Hoag Hospital. Mission Hospital has even received over 20 awards for it’s outstanding patient service.



Getting around Mission Viejo and other parts of Orange County is a snap. The OCTA (Orange County Transportation Authority) has a great program for Seniors and those who are disabled. Their “ACCESS” program is a shared-ride service provided for those who are unable to use the normal bus route. The ACCESS program is a door-to-door service for Seniors and those who are disabled and will take you where you need to go. You can get more information on ACCESS from the OCTA’s website.

If your loved one needs to go to a doctor’s appointment for their regular checkup or wants to attend mass, don’t worry. Please remember that the assisted living community or board and care home can usually accommodate your loved one with transportation. Some facilities include it and some require an additional fee. Just remember to ask the facility staff before you decide to move your loved one into that care facility.


Senior Community Center

The Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center is located near Marguerite Parkway and La Paz Road and is open from 8am-11pm Monday to Saturday (Noon to 8pm on Sunday). This stunning Senior Center was recently remodeled and includes a 400 seated guest capacity, professional grade catering kitchen, outdoor garden rooms, state of the art audio and video equipment and more. Some key events include a Community Health Fair, acclaimed vocalist and orchestra concerts, and much more.


Local Shopping & Dining 

Mission Viejo has some of the best shopping and restaurants in Orange County. You can take your loved one walking in Mission Viejo Mall (located off of the i5 and Crown Valley) which has a Macy’s, Nordstroms, Apple, Tommy Bahama and other fine stores. 

Some restaurants the family will surely enjoy are Wine Works, Roman Cucina, Hannah’s (RSM), Rip Tide, Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen and more. You can even take the grandkids and your loved one to Farrel’s Ice Cream Parlor in Mission Viejo Mall for good food and a lot of fun.


Activities for Seniors 

Some of Mission Viejo’s great spots for Seniors and families are:

Lake Mission Viejo – A man-made lake is located in the heart of the city (Alicia Parkway and Marguerite Parkway). This includes a small beach, fishing, boating and the annual “Lake Mission Viejo Fireworks Show” which is a beautiful over the water.

Mission Viejo Library – Newly renovated in 2013, the beautiful library is located at La Paz and Marguerite. Originally built in 1971, the library has grown to 41,900 square feet and includes a bookstore, art exhibit, book clubs, passport services, study rooms, a technology center and children’s library. Another great thing about the library is that it is down the street from the newly renovated Senior Center.

Parks & Recreation – Mission Viejo is home to 50 parks including walking trails and 2 large recreation centers. Location maps are located at the City of Mission Viejo website.


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Sources: AreaVibes, Weather.Com


City Highlights

-Mission Viejo is One of the densest areas of Assisted Living Facilities across the U.S.

-Top 10 “Best Assisted Living Cities for Seniors”

-Rated 81.2% safer than all U.S. cities

-Assisted Living Range Costs in Mission Viejo: $2,000~$6,000 per month

-Temperatures average 78 degrees in the summer and 68.8 degrees in the winter.

-5 nearby major hospitals such as Mission Hospital