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The Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription
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“Your efforts have saved lives and brought comfort to many, and your steadfast devotion has earned you the trust and respect of your community.” — Former U.S. President Bill Clinton

“The brain has a marvelous power to muster up its own internal medicine to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. This book will show you how. I highly recommend The Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription as good preventive medicine.” — William Sears, M.D., author of The Sears Parenting Library series

“Few authors, if any, who have written on this subject, have the broad training in neurology, psychiatry, and rehabilitation that Dr. Fortanasce has. His approach to “sentinel” risk factors – sleep and stress – is novel.” — Joseph P. Van Der Meulen, MD, past chairman of the department of neurology at the USC and Los Angeles County Hospital.

“Dr. Fortanasce’s Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription is the perfect game plan to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Both my wife and I know…we use it.” — Tommy Lasorda, Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Manager

Dr. Vincent Fortanasce, who has helped thousands of individuals over a prestigious medical career of nearly four decades as a world-renowned neurologist, psychiatrist, and rehabilitation specialist, presents a unique four-step program to prevent or delay Alzheimer’s disease at any age in a new, breakthrough book, The Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription (Gotham, August 2008). Central to The Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription are the novel concepts of the sentinel risk factors and the hormonal symphony that supply a unifying concept to his program.

His science-backed, medically-sound, patient-tested program is as follows:

Step One: The Harmonic Diet reverses one of the major causes of Alzheimer’s disease, insulin-peaking. It provides hormonal harmony to battle Alzheimer’s by increasing lean and decreasing fat body mass. Step Two: Exercise –brain boosters presents a revolutionary technique of strengthening exercises that maximize brain building while minimizing joint injury. The new Fort isometric formula can be done at home or the office. It stimulates growth hormone and brain stimulating factors while reducing stress. Step Three: Accentuating the brains reserve, brain-boosters of daily ‘neurobics’ presents novel ways to increase your brain size and memory as you age without need of computers or books. Step Four: Rest, recovery and meditation. The secret to reducing sentinel risk factors, sleeplessness and uncontrolled stress, the reason we fail. Learn how to maximize sleep and reduce stress by finding your “circle of quiet.”

Dr. Fortanasce calls this the DEAR method – D for Diet, E for exercise, A for accentuating the brain’s reserve, and R for relaxation.

The Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription is UNIQUE because Dr. Fortanasce is the only author expert in psychiatry, neurology, and rehabilitation medicine. The sentinel risk factors originate from his psychiatric insights, the brain boosters from his training in neurology, the unique Fortanasce isometric exercise formula from his rehabilitation experience, and the diet from his extensive research of over 200 studies and articles.

Dr. Fortanasce was driven to find a cure for Alzheimer’s upon the agonizing experience of his father’s diagnosis of the mind-robbing disease, and shocking discovery of his family history in 2005. He recognized modern medicine’s failure and false promises. “There is no magic bullet…no pill to stop Alzheimer’s.” Through his research he discovered a comprehensive program to prevent or delay the onset of this memory-erasing disease.

Dr. Fortanasce says “There is a fate worse than death – it’s Alzheimer’s disease.” It is living alone in a nursing home your last seven years of life. Alzheimer’s disease has increased five fold in those over 65, and 12 fold in those under 65 in the past fifty years despite our medical advancement and tripling of our standard of living. It is a disease of the AFFLUENT SOCIETIES. Modern medicine has failed us. We have increased our life span, but not our brain span. If the 78 million Baby Boomers don’t take action, then we are on the verge of an epidemic that not only impacts individuals, friends, and family, but will burden our medical care system and bankrupt our social security system.”

The Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription shows how to:

  • Prevent your risk of Alzheimer’s by as much as 70%.
  • Improve your brain-power despite its precipitous drop in agility after age 40 (a 50% loss in brain agility by age 50).
  • Determine your actual Brain Age vs. Chronological Age: a 25-year swing may exist.
  • Learn how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, starting in childhood where it begins.
  • Learn what to eat but more importantly, how and in what proportions. Get Alzheimer’s-preventing recipes, and shop for optimal brain health.
  • Assess your risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease, including sentinel risk factors, extrinsic risk factors (obesity, hypertension, addictions), and intrinsic factors (age, genetics, prior head injury or heart attack).
  • How to pick the right doctor for you.


“While many physicians still believe that it’s pretty much set in stone whether or not you’ll get Alzheimer’s disease, I completely disagree!” he says. “I know that if you work on changing the risk factors you can control, you can reduce the chance of Alzheimer’s disease-even with aging and even with a family history of the disease.”

“His prevention regimen couldn’t come soon enough.” says Dr. Sears While most books regarding Alzheimer’s discuss the pursuit of an elusive cure, the use of dangerous supplements coping with a loved one with Alzheimer’s or providing a few games to engage the minds of seniors, none presents a clear-cut formula for preventing Alzheimer’s. Many hang on to a magic bullet, a pill. But the American Academy of Neurology says, despite the $2.6 billion spent to treat Alzheimer’s disease yearly, it may not extend the brain’s longevity by even a day.

“In 1980, I diagnosed, on average, one patient a month with dementia; now in some weeks, I may diagnose 6-10 patients. I truly believe that this dramatic increase in Alzheimer’s disease is a direct result of our SAD lifestyle – sedentary, stressed, and sleepless, aging with a diet full of carbs and transfats.”

He explains the cause for the modern epidemic by saying “The FDA’s high carb, insulin peaking dietary recommendations in the 70’s are at the heart of the Alzheimer’s epidemic today. Carbohydrates are to the brain what cigarettes are to the lungs. One leaves amyloid, the other, tar.”

He also explores:

  • Do you have the Alzheimer’s personality or genetic predisposition?
  • Why are women twice as likely to get Alzheimer disease?
  • The genetic test for Alzheimer’s disease – should you have it?
  • Why there’s no stem cell magic cure on the horizon.
  • Why the FDA may be the culprit for the Alzheimer’s epidemic.
  • How we lose 90% of our longevity hormones from ages 20-70 and how to reverse that trend.
  • How current medications are needlessly driving some seniors to bankruptcy.
  • Do you have the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease or is it simply stress?
  • How restaurants are promoting Alzheimer’s disease and how to tell your favorite restaurant to provide a brain-saving menu.
  • What supplements are a must, what are dangerous.
  • Why Alzheimer disease starts in childhood.
  • Why at 50 years old you may be in danger of losing your job to someone younger.
  • Why pharmaceutical companies and politicians give us unrealistic hope.


Dr. Fortanasce concludes that we can change our habits at any age and still have an impact on our brain’s fate. He especially wants “parents to establish healthy habits for their children so they can live long, healthy lives and includes a diet for them.”

“By far the best program I’ve seen. It is scientifically sound and patient-friendly.” — Dr. Con Stough, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience and Director of the Brain Sciences Institute at the Swinburne University

“You have worked tirelessly to maintain the highest standards of quality in the practice of medicine and service to the community. Your devotion and talent have earned you respect and admiration from colleagues and patients.” — Former California Governor Pete Wilson

“A well-researched self help technique for those concerned with Alzheimer’s disease prevention.” — Dr. Norman Namerow, Clinical Professor of Neurology at the UCLA School of Medicine

“If the Anti-Alzheimer’s prescription were a movie, Dr. Fortanasce would be given an Oscar for this innovative and ground breaking medical opus.” — Steve McEveety, the Oscar winning Producer of Brave Heart and The Passion of Christ.


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