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[ahlz-high-merz] a common form of dementia of unknown cause, usually beginning in late middle age, characterized by memory lapses, confusion, emotional instability, and progressive loss of mental ability.

Chief Medical Expert - Alzheimer's

Dr. Vincent Fortanasce is a world-renowned neurologist and rehabilitation specialist with forty years experience dealing with medical issues, including prevention of Alzheimer's Disease. He has treated such notables including the Dali Lama, Pope John Paul II and Major League Baseball Hall of Famer, Tommy Lasorda.



Dr. Fortanasce has appeared on 60 Minutes, Dateline , the Today Show, and ABC and has been quoted in New Yorker, Times, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Review, USA Today, US News and World Report, to name a few. Find out more about his contributions...
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Dr. Fortanasce presents unique four-step program to prevent or delay Alzheimer's disease at any age in a new breakthrough book.
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Alzheimer Care facilities are designed to treat and provide special care to seniors who are suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.

Looking for an Assisted living or Alzheimer’s Care facility for your aging loved one with Alzheimer’s? View Alzheimer’s Care Listings Now.


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