Adult Day Care

Overview of Adult Day Care 

Adult Day Care Services provide non-medical care to elderly persons and other adults with physical and/or cognitive impairments who require personal care services, protective supervision or assistance in activities of daily living during the day. Also known as Adult Day Services, this type of care also specializes in Alzheimer’s and Respite Care.

 Adult Day Care Centers provide a structured program of activities during the day and are designed to promote the well being of seniors and adult participants in a safe environment. The services these facilities offer are therapeutic activities for adults and seniors, which are tailored to their abilities, nutrition services, basic health monitoring, transportation coordination, respite care and support for families.

 These facilities aim to provide mental and social stimulation to help improve health of seniors and adult participants mentally, socially and physically. Adult and Senior participants may enjoy educational and recreational trips, arts and crafts, games and activities that challenge the minds of the participants.

 Adult Day Care is suited for adults and seniors who want to remain in the community but are not capable of staying home alone during the day due to some physical, social and/or mental impairment like Alzheimer’s Disease. These facilities help family caregivers by giving them a much needed break so they can attend to personal needs and at the same time relax to avoid caregiver burnout. 

 Another nice thing about Adult day Care centers is that it provides social interaction for those lonely or isolated adults and seniors. They also provide healthy lunches and nutritious snack to all participants while offering special diets for older adults and seniors upon request.


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