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Updated: September 29, 2014 by Catharine D. Allado

Choosing the right assisted living facility for your elderly loved one can have a significant impact on their quality of life, their health and their happiness as they live out their golden years. The key to a positive assisted living experience for both you and your elderly parent is to find the right assisted living facility that meets your loved one’s care needs and your budget.


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Common Mistakes When Choosing An Assisted Living
How To Avoid Assisted Living Mistakes


Common Mistakes When Choosing An Assisted Living Facility

1. Waiting too long to choose an assisted living facility

Too many well-meaning family members put off finding a care facility until the time has come to place their parent. This creates unnecessary pressure and stress for both you and your elderly loved one as you are forced to quickly find a viable care option. Having to make a quick decision can result in a poor assisted living choice that is not a good fit for the senior’s needs and wants.


2. Not visiting the assisted living facility or not doing enough research

Colorful brochures with smiling, happy seniors on the cover may give a good first impression, but there is no way to truly determine if an assisted living facility is the right choice for your family unless you tour a care facility and interact with the residents and staff members.


3. Not discussing care options with your senior loved one

Choosing an assisted living facility without your parent’s input can very easily lead to placing your parent in a senior care residence that does not meet his or her care needs. It can also lead to increased feelings of abandonment, loss of independence and hard feelings between family members.


How to Avoid These Assisted Living Mistakes

Choosing an assisted living facility is an important decision that can affect the rest of your loved one’s life. Keep in mind that Assisted Living communities vary greatly in terms of size, level of care provided, staff-resident ratio, available activities, general amenities and cost.

To avoid the above-mentioned mistakes and help you make the best choice possible, follow these four tips:


1. Involve Your Loved

In order to understand your parent’s needs, level of care required, and the type of activities and amenities your parent wants, it is very important to discuss the available care options with your parent. This also allows your elderly loved one to be part of the decision-making process so that they are less likely to feel left out of important discussions regarding their future.


2. Ask the Right Questions

Call assisted living facilities in your area and interview them. Be sure to ask the right questions like:

  • Do they perform background checks on staff member?

  • What is the staff-resident ratio?

  • Do they train their staff members and caregivers to ensure quality service?

  • What is their CPR Policy? Do you agree with it?

  • Do they provide plenty of opportunities for activities and social interaction?

  • How much do they charge? Are there any additional fees?

3. Do Your Homework

Once you have a short list of assisted living options, check out their ratings with the Better Business Bureau, search online for reviews, and look for complaints filed against them by residents or the families of residents.


4. Visit the Assisted Living Facility

Visiting the assisted living facility or community you are considering is the only way to interact with current residents, see how caregivers treat residents, talk to staff members and the director and look for any red flags.

Finding an assisted living facility that meets your elderly loved one’s care needs and budget may take some time and effort, but this important decision should not be taken lightly. Follow these tips to assist you in helping you find the right assisted living for the senior in your life.


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