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Lexa Hospital Services

There are 0 Hospital Services Facilities in Lexa, AR.

We apologize, but there are no Hospital Services Facilities near Lexa, Arkansas. Please update your search or refer to other type of facilities in Lexa, Arkansas.

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Lexa, AR Hospital Services


Hospitals in Lexa or nearby are institutions that provide a wide range of health care services for people who need care longer than 24 hours. Hospitals in the Lexa area offer medical services, surgical, psychiatric, testing and diagnostic services.

Lexa Hospitals typically provide treatment for illness, injury, disease and other medical conditions. Laboratory and X-ray services, treatment facilities for surgery or obstetrical care, or special services like burn treatment centers are considered part of hospital services.

However, these services may vary depending on the size, location, hospital’s specialty and the needs of the community.



The following may also be considered as part of a hospital’s basic services in Lexa: primary care services, prescription services, physical therapy and rehabilitation services, nutritional counseling, access to surgical specialists, mental health care, hospice care, social work and case management services.

Most large hospitals in Lexa provide initial, outpatient and inpatient hospital services in one location.



The hospitals in Lexa are licensed, inspected and regulated by Arkansas’s Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Long Term Care. Their responsibilities are to ensure the administrators are updated on the latest policies, conduct frequent inspections of the hospital and ensure the facility is operating up to standards.

For more information on hospitals in Lexa, please contact your local Department of Social Services office in Arkansas at (501) 682-1001.