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    Michael Lee

    It’s a bit sad that President Obama was not able to convince the International Olympic Committee that Chicago should host the 2016 Olympic games. I was seriously hoping that we Chicago would be chosen.


    Linda Parker

    I was hoping as well. But gotta look at the brighter side- it means that it just save Chicago tax payers lots of money :)


    Scott White

    Only shows that even though you’re one of the most influential people in the world, you can’t win ’em all. Can’t please everyone.




    Mike Stevens

    Now, Mr. President can you go back to work and try to figure out how to produce more jobs. Unemployment rate has been going up. This is more important. Please work on this now.


    Bill Watson

    I totally agree, after wasting time on this Olympic bid. The president has to take care of more important things and solving the job crisis/economic crisis in the country.


    The president is thinking long-term here. He was thinking that if we host the olympics then more jobs will be created during the preparation plus it will bring in money to country from all the tourists. It’s not like the president is not working. It was still part of his work.


    Scott White

    It wasn’t a requirement for the president to be there. He could have assigned Michelle to do that. Thus, not wasting precious time in figuring out how to produce more jobs in the country. Time is gold. You have to make wise decisions Mr. president!


    Tray Edward

    That’s okay. Maybe next time we can host the Olympic games. In the meantime, let’s solve the economic crisis. When will this recession ever end?


    It might be good that we were eliminated in hosting the Olympic games. The government needs to use the tax payers’ money wisely especially during this economic crisis. Government money needs to be used for more important things. Enough wasting. Spend wisely.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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