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Palm Springs Adult Residential Facility

There are 2 Adult Residential Facility Facilities in Palm Springs, CA.

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    Francis Home Care

    Francis Home Care is a small facility in Palm Springs, CA at 889 Francis Drive. Francis Home Care is an Adult Residential Facility that provides 24-ho...

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    Marian James Transitional House

    Marian James Transitional House is a small facility in Palm Springs, CA at 1758 Scotia Lane. Marian James Transitional House is an Adult Residential F...

Palm Springs, CA Adult Residential Facility


2 Adult Residential Facilities (ARFs) are located in the city of Palm Springs, California or nearby and can accommodate the needs of you or your Loved One. These care facilities provide 24-hour non-medical care for adults ages 18 through 59, who are unable to provide for their own daily needs. They are suited for Adults and seniors who are physically handicapped, developmentally disabled, and/or mentally disabled.



Adult Residential Care Facilities in Palm Springs are designed to treat adults who are mentally and/or physically disabled by providing mental health support services that will prepare clients for a more independent community living.

These 2 ARF’s provide long-term stay for adults who are in need of treatment services, therapeutic activities and other activities that are tailored to fit the different care needs of the residents.



Care services in Palm Springs are provided in a residential setting according to the adult’s plan of care in a structured, comprehensive program that includes health and social services.

These 2 Adult Residential Facilities have a multi-disciplinary, caring and friendly staff members who have the ability to supervise and provide residential care for all residents with various medical care needs.



Palm Springs ARFs offer three nutritious and well-balanced meals including snacks and special diets upon request. Residents may enjoy educational and recreational trips, arts and crafts, games and activities.

In most cases, medication support, psychosocial evaluations, crisis intervention, progress reports, substance abuse education and other services that are designed to help improve the adult’s physical, social and mental conditions are available in these Palm Springs Care Facilities.



The 2 Adult Residential Facilities in Palm Springs are licensed, inspected and regulated by California’s Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division. Their responsibilities are to ensure the administrators are updated on the latest policies, conduct frequent inspections of the ARF, and ensure the center is operating up to their standards.

For more information on California Adult Residential Facilities, please contact your local Department of Social Services office in California at (916) 651-8848.


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