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Durango Adult Day Care

There are 0 Adult Day Care Facilities in Durango, IA.

We apologize, but there are no Adult Day Care Facilities near Durango, Iowa. Please update your search or refer to other type of facilities in Durango, Iowa.

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Durango, IA Adult Day Care


Adult Day Care Centers are located in the city of Durango, Iowa or nearby and can accommodate the needs of you or your Loved One.

This Iowa service provides non-medical care to elderly persons and other adults with physical and/or cognitive impairments.



Participants in these type of senior centers in Durango can either be independent, need assistance with their ADLs (Activities of Daily Living), and can even be diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.



Seniors in Durango typically need adult day care when they want to stay active but still want to stay in the comfort of their own home. Another reason may be that that family caregivers have to work throughout the day, but still want to keep their elderly loved ones safe and busy.



An Adult Day Care Center in Durango offers therapeutic activities for adults and seniors, which are tailored to their abilities, nutrition services, basic health monitoring, transportation coordination, respite care and support for families.

Adult and Senior participants in these senior centers may enjoy educational and recreational trips, arts and crafts, games and activities that challenge the minds of the participants.

Iowa Adult Day Care Centers also provide healthy lunches and nutritious snack to all participants. Special diets for older adults and seniors are also provided upon request. Usually, these senior centers are open Mondays through Fridays.



Durango Adult Day Care Centers provide a structured program of activities during the day, designed to promote the well being of seniors and adult participants in a safe environment.

These Senior Centers aim to provide mental and social stimulation to help improve health of seniors and adult participants mentally, socially and physically.



The average cost of Adult Day Care in Durango is $ 1290 per month (source: Genworth Financial). These costs will be determine by the actual facility center and depend on location, services, and amenities offered.

Adult Day Care services can go as low as $ 715 per day and can go as high as $ 2167 per day.



Paying for Adult Day Care in Durango can be done through a variety of ways which will depend upon the Senior Center. Most participants and families pay for care out of pocket or also called “Private Pay.” Typically, Medicare or Medicaid will not pay for the cost of Adult Day Care. However, check with your local social service agency in Durango. They should have resources to help you offset the costs.



The Adult Day Care Centers in Durango are licensed, inspected and regulated by Iowa’s Department of Inspections and Appeals, Adult Services Bureau. Their responsibilities are to ensure the administrators are updated on the latest policies, conduct frequent inspections of the Adult Day Care facility, and ensure the center is operating up to their standards.

For more information on Iowa Adult Day Care Centers, please contact your local Department of Social Services office in Iowa at (515) 281-5454.


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